011Plus.com – The first app to mobilize community-based cash transactions


The 011+ cloud platform and app (available for iOS and Android) mobilize cash sales directly into communities and neighborhoods around the country.

We eliminate the need to visit retail stores by enabling anyone — your neighbor perhaps — to sell you the services you need and use every day.

Salespeople earn generous commissions, buyers buy from someone they know and everybody wins. 011+ is anytime, anywhere sales.


These are close knit communities where there are interactions everyday, meaning finding a salesperson has never been easier. And once the buyer realizes that their salesperson is earning extra money through commissions, buyers have a better sales experience and remain loyal. With 011+, everyone can be their own boss.


Brick and mortar retail institutions are dying; Amazon has proven that much. Still more web and mobile retailers are popping up everyday and their popularity continues to confirm people’s preference for convenience and simplicity.

Mobile payment solutions are also becoming more and more prevalent. PayPal, Venmo, Mozido and other traditional payment apps allow friends and family, and even business acquaintances, to send money/value instantly, no matter where they are in the world.

However, in spite of the prevalence of current mobile payment solutions, they all focus only on consumers with bank accounts and credit cards. In many communities throughout the U.S., cash is still king.

In short, there is no relevant or relatable lifestyle integration of mobile retail or payment solutions. At 011+, we realized this alienated and failed to address many communities who want a more personalized service. One that is mobilized and allows them to stay within their neighborhoods, among their friends and families, to get the services they need — for their lifestyle.

We set out to create a mobile service that allows anyone to be the salesperson you need, where and when you need them. In essence, why drive, walk or catch the bus into town multiple times a month for services you know you’re going to need all the time. Why not just walk across the street and knock on your neighbor’s door? Why not buy from someone you already know instead of a stranger at a retail store? Why not be mobile? Better yet, why not do all of this, while also helping your community generate a little more cash?

At 011+, we did all of that.



011+ is a cash-based mobile point of sale (mPOS) app available for iOS and Android devices. We allow anyone with the app to become an authorized seller of three primary services:

  • Prepaid wireless airtime (from providers such as AT&T, Boost, T-Mobile, TracFone, Verizon, etc.)
  • Prepaid international mobile airtime top-up (from providers such as America Movil, Telcel, Claro, Digicel, Movistar, etc.)
  • Prepaid international long distance

In addition to the convenience of buying these services from someone who you already know and see everyday, 011+ also provides the added value of the salesperson earning commissions on every sale. If you were paying the same price for the same product you would buy in a retail store, wouldn’t you rather throw a few bucks to your friend, neighbor, or coworker in the process? We know we would!



The services sold through 011+ are the exact services that are currently being purchased at retail locations. The customer will now be buying from their friend instead of a random clerk at a convenience store, while also helping him/her earn extra income with every sale. 011+ simplifies the purchase and sales processes and enables financial growth for individuals and communities around the country.

011+ is specifically designed for the more than 60 million Americans who primarily make cash purchases. Unlike other mobile payment or mobile retailer apps, transactions on 011+ are completed in cash. For example, I hand you $20 in cash and you top up my prepaid T-Mobile phone with $20.

These community-based cash sales are quick, easy, and help your neighbors earn a little extra money through commissions. For 011+ salespeople, it is simple: you can earn money every day, right from your smartphone. For buyers, it is equally enticing: 011+ enables anytime, anywhere sales from someone much more familiar to you, and from somewhere much more accessible to you.


Earning cash with 011+ is simple: Go to www.011plus.com and sign up to become a sales associate. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. who you know use prepaid phone services and tell them you can now sell them the exact same product they would have to go to the store for and for the exact same price. There is no reason they wouldn’t buy from you — you’re friendly, personable, and convenient!

Your friend hands you $20 in cash, we withdraw $17 from your 011+ account and your friend immediately gets credited $20 for their prepaid minutes. You keep your $3 commission and 011+ gets $1.50 from the service provider for facilitating the sale. That 30 second transaction helped a friend out and made you $3.

011+ is empowering our salespeople at the community level and giving them a new avenue to earn income of $25 an hour or more, every day.


As mentioned above, sales associates need to have money in their 011+ plus account to complete a transaction. To make putting money in your account easy, we have established a growing network of more than 11,000 cash load points throughout the country. At thousands of Check Cashing Stores and Bank Branches, 011+ salespeople can quickly and easily add money to their accounts, start selling and keep on selling.


For third party businesses looking to partner with us, one major advantage we’ll have is the huge amount of data on cash spending transactions. Currently, this is largely untracked information, once cash leaves ATMs or cash advance stores the uses of that money is unknown. 011+ is actively using “Big Data” that can accurately track and catalog how cash gets spent in communities throughout the country. The three calling services we currently offer are just the beginning!



The 011+ app is fully developed and up and running. This mPOS app is currently being tested among a control group who are executing live transactions every day. This beta phase will be completed soon and any final tweaks will be made based on the test groups’ feedback.

We have also completed integration and testing for our cash load points with the largest check cashing company in the U.S. We are finalizing the integration with two of the largest banks in the country. Collectively, there will be more than 11,000 cash load points for our sales associates to reload their account balances.

Up next: officially launch the app in Dallas, Texas and begin the sales recruiting process. Dallas hosts large Latino communities who rely on cash-purchased international calling plans and prepaid wireless services to keep in touch with their families back home. Many of these community members also financially support their loved-ones abroad which will increase their desire to become sales associates with 011+. We will focus our recruitment efforts at the check cashing stores where we know our primary “salespeople to-be” frequent, and (bonus!) it also happens to be a cash load point for the mPOS app.

Once established in Dallas, we will expand to other key U.S. cities, that also have large diaspora communities, and we will expand our service offerings. 011+ will soon supply and sell virtual gift cards and tickets for sporting events and concerts.


The entire 011+ team has spent many years working within our target market as retailers, distributors, agents, and customers under the traditional retail distribution model. Our work experience with retailers and distributors throughout the United States, South America, and Mexico is a crucial component to our success. We have access to our core services and our target customers. We understand our customer’s desire for convenience and simplicity with a connection to their community — it is this intimate knowledge that prompted the development and deployment of the 011+ mPOS app.

Brett has over 20 years in the telecomm industry. In 1993, he founded OmniTel, Inc., an industry leader in the design, production, and implementation of customized promotional prepaid telephone calling card programs for high profile companies throughout the U.S. He has also previously served as VP of Sales for Vista Telecom, Inc., an Interoute Company, which pulled in $44 million in annual sales. He then went on to found Isis Telecom Inc., a cellular technical services company, publicly traded on the NASDAQ. After being a strong player in the market, selling National Telecom Products with offices in 6 states, Isis’s assets were sold to GTS Prepaid (now Incomm) in 2003.  He then founded SVX Sales, LLC in 2005 for which he still owns 50% today.  SVX Sales is a distributor of Point of Sale Activated Gift Cards, Financial Services Products and Prepaid Cellular Minutes to Chain-based retailers. He is a proven leader with strong industry relationships and an intimate knowledge of capturing sales from the Diaspora Communities nationwide and in South America.

Over the past 20+ years, Bill has either founded or been a managing partner for four previous companies that were either bought outright or signed major merger deals with larger telecom companies. Copy Control Corporation was acquired by the Lanier/Ricoh Corporation in 1993, Teldata Control Corp merged with BroadMargin in 2002, CVT Prepaid Solutions was acquired by Leucadia National Corp in 2009, after growing to more than $125 million in revenue, and Factor Communications, Inc. was acquired by PacWest Telecomm in 2011.

Alexander has 7 years experience in Software design and IT infrastructure as well as being a Google Mobile Application developer. He is experienced in many current software languages and has extensive API experience and is an active contributor to the open source software community. He has done a wide range of custom application’s ranging from gps fleet tracking, to database management, conversion, and storage applications specializing in secure and private data managment. He prides himself on being able to solve a multitude of unique software or hardware challenges and able to bring a wide range of technical prowess to a team.

The 011+ cloud platform and app (available for iOS and Android) mobilize cash sales directly into communities and neighborhoods around the country.
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