3 tools to increase your crowdfunding follower base on Twitter


Building a tribe is a key element to a successful crowdfunding campaign, no matter if it is charity, rewards-based or equity. And your follower base must be relevant, must engage potential investors or consumers of your new venture.

Below we highlight some tools that will help you reach your target audience straight to the point.


In order to grow a tribe of potential buyers/investors, Krowdster, a leading crowdfunding promotion platform, has launched Crowdbuilder, a tool to grow your follower’s base in Twitter according to interests.

In the tool, you can choose which keywords trigger your campaign and also specify negative keywords. The tool will automatically find relevant tweets using the keyword and analyze the profile of the one tweeting it. Low quality twitters, bots and retweets are filtered out, so you’ll only have quality followers.

The tool, then, under your account, will like, retweet or follow the twitter profile, raising awareness about your offer to relevant people.


Social Bearing

Equity crowdfunding initiatives are usually local. Whether your campaign is raising funds for a new bar, restaurant or a family home, your campaign must target audience around you, both to reach out to customers or investors.

One tool to achieve that is Social Bearing. They are about to launch a new Geo and Map search tool and filter so you can find just the people who are interested in your product or service in your location.

The tool also brings some interesting features, such as follower search, sentiment search and others. It is a good tool to build your follower base manually.



Although not displaying all the features of Social Bearing, GeoChirp is a geo-oriented twitter search tool. You choose your location on the map and type in your term. You must be logged in to your account in order to use the search tool. It’s an alternative to using native Twitter search with geo location.


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