4th Annual Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference March 3-4, SEC Approval of FINRA Funding Portal Rules Featured

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San Francisco – Titled “2016 the year of equity crowdfunding,” the conference will allow for participants to discuss the current state of the Crowdfunding industry, network and connect new partnerships and will explore new methods of finance, from peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunded small business and real estate finance, as well as review existing and developing legal considerations and international initiatives. “In bringing together industry thought-leaders, this is destined to offer unique and valuable insights to this growing industry,” commented Sydney Armani, Founder of CrowdFundBeat. Armani went on to say “Upon reviewing the speaker and attendee list, I feel we have met our goal.”

The conference program keynote speeches will be delivered by Douglas Ellenoff partner EGS and Dr. Richard Swart chief strategy officer at NextGen Crowdfunding. The Panels will feature experts from across the Crowdfunding industry such as Georgia Quinn CEO at iDisclose.com, who will introduce a service to generate Form C through a series of adaptive questions similar to Turbo Tax, taking the guess work out of legal compliance and saving time and money.

The gathering will once again discuss the evolving internet finance space under the label “2016 the Year of Equity Crowdfunding.”

The title is an allusion to the fact that in May of 2016 retail crowdfunding rules under Title III of the JOBS Act will finally become available to issuers and platforms alike.

SEC Approval of FINRA Funding Portal Rules 

Title III equity crowdfunding campaigns. Title III fundraising, a new system approved last October that will go into effect on May 16, 2016, allows issuers to raise up to $1M via equity crowdfunding. For the first time in history, small businesses can trade an equity stake in all future profits in exchange for a valuable influx of funds, without the burden of registering with the SEC.

2016 may be considered the Year of an Equity Gold Rush, with new methodologies being introduced, such a Title III of the JOBS Act,and the maturation of certain models like P2P lending. This conference will be centered on in-depth discussions on: the growing allocation into alternative investments by broader types of investors; the evolution of crowdfunding practices and their respective successes and failures; the expansion of real estate investing and financing through online platforms: and an outlook on the viability and exit strategies of many of the platforms who were hoping to piggyback Lending Club’s and OnDeck Capital’s access of the public equities market.

The Conference will also explore, in fact, debate, the promises and expectations of the JOBS Act, and whether this legislation has yielded higher levels of capital formation and employment for small to medium sized businesses. As we are in an election year, might the JOBS Act’s progress, or lack thereof, impact the political cycle?



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