$5 Ante to Learn Texas Hold ‘Em: ‘Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Poker’ is the Easiest, Most Affordable Way to Learn Poker


The Easiest, Most Affordable Way to Learn Poker: ‘Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Poker’ Available on Guides.co

Get the beginner’s poker guide today and start playing tomorrow

Beginner's Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Poker

SAN ANTONIO – “Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Poker” – the most complete guide written for beginners in easy-to-understand language that includes all the basics to start playing right away – is available for $5 at Guides.co, the place where people who know interesting, useful things share with people who want to learn interesting, useful things.

Poker is a worldwide phenomenon – 100 million people play poker – and plenty more want to learn but don’t because they are intimidated or think they’re too young or too old or it would take too much time to research.

“Today, with so much information on the Internet, it’s easier for a beginner to find enough to learn to play, but there isn’t ONE place that has everything. This guide does. More than 75 hours compiling, writing and researching dozens of resources went into creating this ‘Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Poker’ to make it the go-to handbook for someone who doesn’t know anything about poker but wants to learn. The writing is straightforward and in simple language catered to the absolute beginner,” said guide creator and home poker player Barbie Dunn. “This highly reviewed (100% 5 out of 5), detailed guide takes the poker novice from opening up a deck of cards to basic terminology, rules, hand rankings, betting and strategy to learning 5 Card Draw and Texas Hold ‘Em. It includes tips and cheat sheets, how-to videos, resources and lots of images so you really can learn today and play tomorrow.”


Get the beginner’s poker guide today and start playing tomorrow:


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Specially created for the poker novice, this beginner’s guide features tips, videos, tutorials and simple step-by-step explanations making it easy to learn:

  • Playing card suits, cards and values
  • How to shuffle
  • Beginner terminology
  • The rules of poker
  • Hand rankings – what beats what
  • Antes, blinds and betting
  • Strategy for beginners
  • How to play 5 Card Draw
  • How to play Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Where to play poker
  • Other poker variants
  • Resources for beginners

Some reviews:

“Before finding this guide, I thought learning to play Poker was just too time consuming and complex for me — something that I would only enjoy vicariously through watching crafty characters play it in movies. Every time I tried to learn how to play, I would either get overwhelmed and intimidated by wordy, overly technical written instructions or get lost through confusing verbal walk-throughs from friends. After reading this beginner’s guide, I was finally able to actually understand Poker, and it didn’t take very long at all. This guide is very informative, visually engaging, and easy to follow. Explanations are clear, concise and contain visual aids. The videos and tutorials are also extremely helpful. It’s exactly the type of resource I’ve been seeking. I now have a good grasp on the game’s basic concept and rules, and feel confident enough to play. I definitely recommend this guide to anyone who’s ever wanted to learn how to play Poker. 5 Stars!” – S. Gonzalez

“Fantastic! Going into this review I had wondered if I had invested wisely or not. I had no clue whatsoever on how to play poker, I am always asked by friends if I’d like to join them on poker night. I usually give the excuse that I’m busy or sometimes flat out say I don’t know how to play and don’t want to learn as I go along and lose. After coming across this guide I definitely feel I got more than my moneys worth! I love the fact that it was so easy to read and understand that I didn’t have to go and do more research outside of the guide. In case I did need further instruction the guide provides helpful tools and other supplemental material that further explains things. I came from knowing absolutely nothing to feeling confidant enough to join some friends on poker night, no bluff!” – Adri Lo

“This five-star poker primer lays a solid foundation for the beginner via succinct, easy-to-understand, well-illustrated lessons. Well done!” – MJ Villarreal

“Thanks to Barbie Dunn, I might actually venture away from the penny slots the next time I find myself in a casino! This guide is extremely well-written and makes poker understandable to even a novice like me. I always thought I knew the basics, but I was wrong. There is so much more to know. I appreciate having this guide to refer back to regularly as I gain more confidence in the world of poker. I hope to see more guides written by Barbie. She has an undeniable talent for explaining things in a clear and concise way.” – C. Cantu

“This guide is absolutely fantastic! I agree in the outset that as a novice poker player, the intimidation of terminology has kept me from wanting to enter a poker game in any casino situation or even a casual among friends circumstance. Am so appreciative of a guide that not only explains the history of the game an inception, but also the tools that enable me to be able to pursue entry to a game I was formerly intimidated by. Thank you for developing this tool and instruction!!!!” – Kathi H.

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The limited price of $5 for “Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Poker” is available to the first 100 soon-to-be unintimidated poker players. “I know I wrote it, but I really wish I had this resource when I was learning to play poker. Even I learned a few things while researching it. I’ve been told this guide could sell for 10 times what I’m offering now, but I want people who really want to learn to play poker to be able to do it easily and affordably,” Dunn said.

These days when someone says poker, they are usually talking about Texas Hold ‘Em, the most popular poker variant, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. More than 60 million people play poker in the United States, more than 100 million worldwide.
Texas Hold ‘Em is both simple and complex. You’re about to learn to play poker the same way I did: the basics, the rules, Five Card Draw and Texas Hold ‘Em. Once we’re done, you’ll have 100 million potential opponents out in the world.

But first, a bonus: a clip from “Rounders” to get you excited. When you get to the end of this guide you’ll know how to play, so come back here and watch it again. You’ll better understand the scene and easily see how this movie contributed to the history of poker and it’s trajectory into worldwide popularity.

GET INSPIRED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5RiuE1rWnso

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“Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Poker” – the most complete guide written for beginners in easy-to-understand language that includes all the basics to start playing right away – is available for $5 at Guides.co, the place where people who know interesting, useful things share with people who want to learn interesting, useful things.

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