5-years Strategic plan on how to be a billionaire

Pretoria, South Africa 25/11/2015 – New Startup IdeasUniversity announced today that it is raising funds by pre-selling the course at 90% discount during the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finish the development of their revolutionary course. The company set out to raise $27,000 Indiegogo to finish development and completion of the course which is the first of its kind in online learning platform that will change the life of people seeking to better their lives financially.

According to the CEO of ideasuniversity.co.uk Olayinka Taiwo, this course is a result of 12 years study of dot-com billionaires. He believes if anyone takes the course and applies what he learns, then in five years’ time the student business asset will worth billions of dollars.

The course reveals that the students must have four things to achieve this goal.

1. They must have a strategic plan.

Planning is the key factor in becoming a billionaire. All big enterprises in this world have strategic planning for them to be successful.

2. Have your own business.

It is very rare to be billionaire working for someone else unless the person is a partner. To be extremely rich one must be at the helm of affairs of his own business.

3. Have a strong team.

No one can do it independently. Team players get to result faster than anyone doing it alone.

Bill Gates have Paul Allen and Steve Balmer while Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak

4. Know how to go about it.

Knowing how to go about it is what the course is all about, the students will be taught on how to go about achieving this goal. The course has fourteen practical and doable steps to the ultimate goal of becoming a billionaire within five years.

Ideasuniversity was set up in Pretoria in June 2015 and is owned by Olayinka Taiwo and J.C Emmanuel. One of the owners is a principal partner of Pool of Wealth Training, an executive training institution that had trained delegates from sixteen countries in Africa.

Ideasuniversity.co.uk, pre-sell the course on how to be a billionaire on Indiegogo.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ljRT84ozM
See Campaign: https://goo.gl/WleRcc
Contact Information:
Olayinka Taiwo
1 Fairfield Village.
Bloulelie Cresent.
Annlin Ex 37
Sinoville. Pretoria
Gauteng South Africa

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