Ace Cafe Orlando: The World’s Most Famous Motor-Diner is Coming to the USA!

Ace Cafe London is simply the most-famous motor-diner on the planet. Since 1938 the Ace Cafe has been a Mecca for everything bikes, cars, and rock ‘n roll, and is the single most important brand in the worldwide cafe racer movement today. Now, it’s time to bring that movement Stateside.

For any business to be successful it has to have three things:  A great CONCEPT; the CAPABILITY of its executives to deliver on the concept; and the CAPITAL to make it happen. We have the Concept and the Capability in spades, and we are close to having the Capital we need to make it happen.

CONCEPT: The Ace Cafe

The original Ace Cafe opened in 1938 as a “transport cafe” on the north edge of London. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, the Ace became a pillar of the cafe racer culture and the mods & rockers era as British youth discovered rock ‘n’ roll music on the Ace’s jukebox (one of the first in London) and raced their bikes from cafe to cafe. Over the decades the Ace’s popularity has grown and today the Ace Cafe is the world’s most famous and charismatic destination pitstop for the global motorsports community.

In 2016, the brand will take it’s rightful place in the hearts of million of Americans, the country where the automobile was born. The Ace Cafe brand brings with it extremely passionate and loyal fans, affectionately known as “petrolheads” in London.  

CAPABILITY. You have to have a capable management team to execute your business plan. Our managment team consist of former senior executives of Hard Rock Cafe, Margaritaville Enterprises, Orion Food Systems, House of Blues, and Harley Davidson. Our team knows how to execute–see our bios below.

CAPITAL. We have already raised significant capital and the Ace’s U.S. debut isn’t just about good news, it’s about real opportunity: We have acquired the North & South American licensing rights to the Ace Cafe brand and we are giving you an opportunity to get involved. Details can be found in the Business Plan. We hope you will take a closer look.

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Daily Motorsports Rallies and Live Events.  The Ace Cafe London hosts over 400 car and bike events annually as well as the Ace Reunion which draws over 200,000 motorsports enthusiasts annually to the three day event held at Brighton Beach. Life at the Ace Cafe Orlando will be built around the daily motorsports rallies, whether it be Camaro night or the Saturday morning Mustang club meet. We will also host regular live events and concerts in our courtyard as well as numerous special events such as Ace Cafe Sale by Bonhams.

Retail and Internet Licensing and Sales. Last year, Triumph Motorcycle Company sold out 1,500 Ace Cafe-branded, limited edition bikes called the Triumph Thruxton Ace 900. This April, Bell Helmets will launch a line of Ace Cafe-branded helmets through their 3,000+ global dealers. Ace North America receives an override on every helmet sold in the Americas. We are also in discussions with Lucky Brand regarding a line of Ace Cafe-branded shirts to be sold in their 400+ retail stores. We will also have a strong internet marketing program for Ace Cafe merchandise (Ace Cafe London sells over $2 Million of merchandise over the internet to Japanese consumers with no Ace Cafe location in Japan).

The Ace Cafe and Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. The Ace Cafe will occupy 18,000 square feet and will be a family oriented gathering place set among motorsports memorabilia, providing high quality food, craft beers, premium beverages and motorsports related entertainment. The second restaurant on the Ace Cafe Orlando campus will be the famous Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. As phase two of our development we are constructing a 2,000-square-foot BBQ shack which will connect to our 6,000-square-foot multi-purpose event barn and private courtyard. Customers will queue through the BBQ shack and dine in the barn. Anthony Bourdain says Oklahoma Joe’s is “one of the 13 places you have to eat before you die”. Wolfgang Puck said “best BBQ I have ever had”.

Dainese and Magic City Cyles. Dainese, a high end Italian motorsports apparel and accesssory retailer, will have their signature USA store in our retail building. Magic City Cycles will have a satelite dealership for BMW, Ducati, Triumph and Norton bikes. We will also retail, on a consignment basis, high-end motorcycles in our Stonebridge MotorGallery.

EagleRider. We will be operating an EagleRider motorcycle rental outlet onsite. EagleRider is the largest motorcyle rental company in the world, with rental locations in 26 states and 13 countries. Ace Orlando, LLC will receive 20% of all EagleRider rental fees, along with incremental food/beverage and merchandise sales.

International Motorcycle Auction. We have partnered with renowned British auction house Bonhams to move their annual world-class motorcycle auction from Las Vegas to the Ace Cafe Orlando. The annual Bonham’s auction attracts buyers and visitors from around the globe. This July, we will host “The Ace Cafe Sale by Bonhams,” in which more than 300 collectible vintage bikes will be displayed and sold at our location.

Ace Cafe TV. Within 24 months, we will launch a subscriber-based Video-On-Demand online channel called Ace Cafe TV. Our many motorsports related events will allow us to capture, edit, and distribute motorcycle, auto, and concert content daily to fans around the globe. The eye candy of beautiful cars and bikes will be complemented by feature interviews with collectors, builders, racers, authors, and influencers. We are partnering with one of the most successful producers of car/motorcycle television programming in the last 25 years to lead our online channel.

Ace Member’s Club. Our free, opt-in loyalty program called the Ace Fan Club will enable Ace aficionados to earn points on all in-store, restaurant and online purchases, discounts from various relevant partners and other benefits. We will add a VIP paid membership portion (in conjunction with Ace Cafe TV) that will give members exclusive access to behind-the-scenes coverage of events, special discounts and priority tickets to motorsports events and concerts, value-added community sharing, and access to limited edition merchandise among other benefits. Developing our site is the award-winning web development firm, Bubble Up, which currently manages fan clubs for artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown Band, and KISS.

All told, Ace Cafe North America has already signed agreements with a number of tenant and brand partners including:



We don’t play favorites at the Ace Cafe — we welcome all motorsports enthusiasts and motorsports brands. We are everyone’s friend in the motorsports industry because we are not promoting a specific motorsports brand or product. This is part of the reason why so many motorsports companies want to associate with the Ace. Our rough and tumble past has led to a lively, family-friendly atmosphere where all ages of bike, car and music enthusiasts gather for great food, even better company, and live events throughout the year.

Our original London location has been around since 1938. Starting out as a transport cafe in Northern London, we were bombed and destroyed in WWII. But we rebuilt and became stronger than ever. Ace Cafe quickly became the place for Brits to come and listen to American rock and roll, race their bikes, and be reckless teens and young adults post WWII.

Our brand is authentic and our logo is iconic. Ace Cafes worldwide are a lifestyle destination for the motorsports enthusiast culture and a surefire great time. Our fans come for hours at a time, stopping not only to eat, but to shop, talk, take in the music, and admire the cars and bikes on exhibit at each day’s motorsports event. Ace Cafe London hosts over 400 bike & car events per year, and we will follow this successful formula.

The Annual Ace Cafe Reunion Weekend, now in its 23rd year, continually draws in over 200,000 people and over 40,000 bikes from 40 countries.

A number of media outlets have featured Ace Cafe: Cafe Racer/Naked Speed TV series (Velocity on Discovery Channel), BBC, Esquire Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Business Journal, Cycle World, MPN, AIMExpo Daily Show — not to mention every major motorcycle and car publication in Britain and United States.

Ace Cafe also has a long list of celebrity fans and supporters including: Jay Leno, Ewan McGregor, George Barris, Rob Riggle, Billy Joel, Lee Rocker, Alabama Shakes, Guy Martin, Conor Cummins, and Kevin Schwantz.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see how you can get involved with Ace Cafe Orlando and Ace Cafe North America!

CAPABILITY: We have one of the most seasoned and capable teams in the lifestyle destination/entertainment space. Meet the Team: 

Mark had the vision to acquire a 100 year license from Ace Cafe London for all North and South American rights to the Ace Cafe brand. His prior business experience includes founding Pyramid Pizza and growing it into a regional chain before selling the company. He also founded and successfully sold Waddles Sportswear. He was also a senior executive with Orion Food Systems. He co-founded the annual Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in Kansas City which raises over $1 million annually for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Prior to joining the Ace team, Eric was CFO/VP of Finance for Margaritaville Enterprises where he helped Jimmy Buffet grow the brand from one location to 23 stores/restaurants and $250 million in sales. Prior to that Eric was Director of Finance for Hard Rock Cafe International.

Steve has held a number of senior marketing positions including, VP of Marketing and Branding for Ripley Entertainment, Inc., Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing for Hard Rock Cafe International, and executive marketing positions with several other recognizable brand names.

Eric is a brand builder and founder of multiple helmet/riding/casual apparel collections including private label for all major OEMs in the bike space including Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, and Artic Cat.

Bill founded, built and sold a 20 store chain of Calico Jacks Oyster Bar’s in the southeastern US. From 1990-2005 he also founded and operated three “Edge”  and three “8 Seconds” nightclubs in Florida. These clubs were among the largest and most financially successful entertainment clubs in America at the time.

CAPITAL: For more information on our opportunity, please request access to our business plan tab. 


CONCEPT: We have a long term lease on a prime 3-acre site in downtown Orlando, and we have been under construction since April 2015, with our grand opening sceduled for spring 2016.

Here’s why Orlando is the perfect location for the inaugural Ace Cafe North America location:

Need more proof? During the Orlando location groundbreaking event in April, over 300 vintage and exotic cars and bikes showed up, along with swarms of local media. See for yourself here: 

Our 3-acre lot was full by 11am, even though the Orlando Mayor’s groundbreaking ceremony wasn’t until 3pm, and people stayed until 5pm. We had nothing to offer except a few t-shirts and two mobile food trucks; but cars, bikes and fans flooded in nonetheless. The Ace Cafe is a lifestyle destination not a “theme” restaurant. People come to the Ace and stay for hours and they will spend money on food, beverages, entertainment and merchandise.

The message is clear: motorsport enthusiasts in America are itching for a place to gather with their beloved car or bike, and surround themselves with like-minded people. Ace Cafe will provide that to fans of all ages.

Like Ace Cafe London, Ace Cafe Orlando will have over 400 motorsports rallies and related meets and events annually, plus great food and live entertainment. We will also have a number of motorsports related retail subtenants, including Dainese, EaglerRider and Magic City Cycles – a BMW, Ducati, Triumph & Norton motorcycle dealership. Ace Cafe London does over $5 Million of revenue annually from a landlocked property that is 2,300 square feet of building space and with a very small parking lot to host daily motorsports meets and events. The average Oklahoma Joe’s restaurant in the U.S. does more in annual sales by itself than all revenue sources at Ace Cafe London. With 3 acres and over 40,000 sq. ft. of building space, people can come to Ace Cafe Orlando with their cars or bikes, take part and see daily motorsports meets, eat, shop, or just hang out with passionate like-minded groups of people. We have ample space for hundreds of vehicles to park for each day’s motorsports meet, two restaurants, a banquet facility, retail space an event barn and and outdoor backporch and backyard for live music and private events. There is absolutely nothing comparable in America, and certainly No Place Like The Ace!

Ace Cafe London is simply the most-famous motor-diner on the planet. Since 1938 the Ace Cafe has been a Mecca for everything bikes, cars, and rock ‘n roll, and is the single most important brand in the worldwide cafe racer movement today. Now, it’s time to bring that movement Stateside.
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