Attracting equity crowdfunding investors – feeding the top of the sales funnel


There are two practical steps that you should definitely take if you want to succeed. You can’t rely only on what the platform has to offer to you. Instead, you’ll have to go after your own tribe of investors in order to raise funds for your project:

  1. Build a solid presence on the Web. Set up a good website and a good smartphone application if it makes sense to your business, or at least a prototype of one that can show how your business will work
  2. Build an e-mail list and a social media follower base.  However, not just any e-mail list or any follower base will work. You have to build one that makes sense for your pitch, i.e., your potential investors

A good website

A good website is one built on top of a last generation CMS. One that’s flexible enough to support mobile and desktop design, is easy to insert content into, and can be extended. We strongly recommend you build your site in WordPress, the current gold standard in CMS on the Web.

There is no reason not to build a smartphone application that at least keeps your readers posted on their mobile devices as well. There are dozens of applications that can do it for you, for free or very low prices. The WordPress website has several plugins to do this on this page.

Building an e-mail list and social media follower base

Finding potential equity crowdfunding investors online is not very difficult. Companies like Google and Facebook are already collecting demographic data on users, so you can target your campaign straight to them.

On Facebook, you can use Facebook Ads to target potential investors by listing followers of established equity crowdfunding platforms. There are hundreds of options on demographics and ad formats so you reach exactly your targeted audience, without spending too much cash on non-interested investors. That’s a very powerful weapon, especially when you want to attract a public that is so distinct. Keep them posted (don’t forget to promote) in order to keep them informed and raise awareness to your company.

This article is part of a series of practical steps that you can take to be successful in equity crowdfunding. Keep reading our equity crowdfunding mindset series for more.

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