Watch 3D movies as the director intended – without glasses.

A virtual reality head mounted computer (HMC) that works without a computer or smartphone. Its on-board Android based computer allows you to break free from cables and other devices and experience virtual reality, and all it offers, without breaking the budget. 

Virtual reality finally hits the mainstream.


Developing AuraVisor means virtual reality is now available for everyone, aimed at casual & pro gamers, intrepid explorers and experience junkies. The AuraVisor can be used straight from the box and doesn’t require any specialist knowledge. Thanks to the stereoscopic vision you can also view any 2D movies or TV programmes in real 3D.

The AuraVisor is great for watching the growing number of 360º videos available through YouTube 360° and for exploring new worlds through google expeditions. The AuraVisor ships with its own Bluetooth games controller. Wi-Fi and a simple smart scrolling graphical user interface means you can simply turn on, download and immerse yourself.

The video below shows a demo of the headset rotating 360º with the hardware sensors and software all working.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Actual gameplay depicting head tracking movement in real time

All pledge levels of £135 and over include a Bluetooth game controller as shown in ‘What’s in the box’. The game controller includes a built in battery charged via micro USB. The games controller can also be used with other devices and is included as a free add on to ensure the ultimate ‘out of box’ experience without worrying about peripherals. 

AuraVisor has been carefully priced to make it accessible to everyone.

AuraVisor is not just for entertainment, its applications will extend into education and beyond. VR can already be used to teach complicated medical studies, journey through the inside of the human body or to take a class of 6 years olds to the other side of the world… all without leaving the house.  

AuraVisor Overview

How it works

The AuraVisor has powerful on-board WiFi and a simple smart scrolling graphical user interface. Simply turn on, download and immerse yourself in whatever activity you like. 
Users have the ability to download more content, including games, videos and apps from the VR store. The VR store is based on, and linked to, the Google Play Store. You can add more content via micro SD storage. Watch movies in a realistic immersive environment and enjoy 360º content that you’ve filmed yourself.
We are working with a number of key partners to deliver more apps and content, including movies, live streaming events, games and educational experiences. There is already a huge selection of apps and videos ready to use. The AuraVisor will ship with a number of apps and games pre-installed to provide a true “out of the box” set up.

We expect to add even more localised content to suit international streaming requirements, but due to localised restrictions we have concentrated on ensuring apps available to stream in the UK are fully compatible.  

Viewing without wearing glasses

Adjustable optical lenses and depth of field sliders allow you to set up the viewing of your AuraVisor exactly to your own requirements. Leaving you free to view the AuraVisor without wearing glasses in most cases. The AuraVisor has been tested on a wide range of eye prescriptions from short to long sighted and with a strong astigmatism. Our feedback indicates that after set up the viewing is completely normal and extremely comfortable.

Detachable Faceplates

The AuraVisor will ship with one adult faceplate. More faceplates can be added if you are looking to share your AuraVisor.

We see significant educational applications and have therefore designed a faceplate specifically to be comfortable for children. This will provide great viewing and comfort for children aged from 4 upwards. Additional faceplates should cost no more than £19.99 / $29.99.

General Public Reaction

The following video captures the public’s reaction while experiencing AuraVisor for the first time.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

 Help spread the word

If you like what we’re doing and want to help us succeed then please take the time to share our campaign and help us make ‘Virtual History’ as we bring Virtual Reality to the masses. Just click the button below

About Us

 The AuraVisor is the brainchild of James Talbot and Fayuan Huang. Together they have formed an excellent engineering team that will deliver all the elements required to ensure a smooth headset operation that is seamlessly integrated.

All parties have the credentials required to deliver the hardware and software eliminating risks associated with quality control and delivery. Prior to this campaign, James has already successfully funded and delivered Headbones via Kickstarter (please note that this project is not being delivered by Damson Audio). This should provide confidence that you are backing a project that will be well communicated and delivered. Please note that this project is not being delivered by Damson Audio. 

We are a small team battling against the likes of Facebook and HTC so that’s why we need your help. We believe that doing another Kickstarter is the best and most efficient way for us to deliver this great product to the people believing in us and who want it most. People like you.

Can children use the AuraVisor?

As we mentioned above, there is a junior size faceplate. Check out the videos below of James’ four year old daughter using it. These have been recorded in a totally natural environment and her reactions are completely genuine. Please note she was not wearing the child faceplate at the time of the recording. It should also be noted that, just as with any modern computer device, usage is strictly controlled by a parent or guardian. Parental controls will be available to stop minors downloading inappropriate content.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

You can’t fool children, and we felt that these videos demonstrate the power of the headset and that the AuraVisor is real, working and almost ready for mass production. We know some of you may be concerned about her being exposed to zombies, but she insisted and didn’t have nightmares!

Why the AuraVisor will make a difference?

It frees your experience at an affordable price compared to other virtual reality headsets.

The AuraVisor doesn’t tether you to a single platform like a PC, games console or smartphone. It frees you up to experience content however you choose. Connect to these platforms to expand your experiences or use the intuitive user interface to download games from the app store or add movies or video clips.

AuraVisor will make virtual reality a possibility that can be enjoyed by us all. Virtual reality has so much to offer. We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. There’s far more under the surface just waiting to be explored! We’ll share relevant news via frequent updates over the course of this project.

The opportunity to take The AuraVisor much further really exists. It’s our goal to work with providers to deliver educational apps that allow teacher/lecturers/trainers a totally different learning experience. Imagine a world so immersive out children will actually want to learn.

Stretch Goals

Stretch goals will include: a limited edition Kickstarter colour faceplate and strap. We have also considered other stretch goal opportunities. Stretch goals will be released during the campaign.

 What’s left to do

The software and hardware is ready. We will update software on an ongoing basis until we go into mass production. The only alterations we may consider would be changing the screen to an OLED screen to increase the battery and extend playback time. Ultimately, these are dependent on how successful we are… so help us shout Auravisor from the rooftops.

Most of the tooling is complete, the faceplates and strap are the final two components. Neither of which is expected to cause any delay to shipping.

Shipping, Warranty & Refunds

The AuraVisor will ship from hubs within the US, EU and China. Please be aware that our projected shipping date includes an allowance for us to ship by sea to the US and EU before distributing to your final address.

For most of the pledge levels shipping costs are as follows: 

To addresses in the US & UK £6
To addresses in the EU £20
Rest of World £25

International Backers

We’re proud to have had so many backers from all over the world for our last campaign. We will ship AuraVisor worldwide, with the exception of politically or economically embargoed countries. Please note that you will be responsible for any duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region.

We will be offering a 12 months warranty on the product in the event of a manufacturing fault.

Unfortunately, due to the way that the project is being funded in advance by backers we are unable to offer refunds once you have confirmed your payment.

A virtual reality head mounted computer (HMC) that works without a computer or smartphone. Its on-board Android based computer allows you to break free from cables and other devices and experience virtual reality, and all it offers, without breaking the budget.
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