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    How to do content marketing for crowdfunding

    In our previous article we explained why content marketing is important for your crowdfunding campaign. Now we are going to tell you how to do it more effectively. Content marketing for crowdfunding is not just a video. That’s the basics. You should definitely do it, but if you want to grow your audience and expose […]

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    PillBox – New Telemedicine & Technology Project

    PillBox, world’s smartest pills dispenser     With the PillBox, you will never forget about taking the right medicine at the right time. After finishing the prototype, creators from dr Poket are asking international crowdfunding community for a help with finalizing the project.     Are you that granddaughter that doesn’t sleep some nights thinking […]

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    The importance of content to boost your crowdfunding campaign

    Content marketing is buzzing right now. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is saying that your company should do it. However, many SME owners are still skeptical about throwing money in a new tactic, about producing content that does not directly advertise their companies or products. Can this really work? The resistance is understandable. Now […]

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    Circuses And Dinosaurs And 1918, Oh My!

    LOS ANGELES, 4 October 2015–After contributing his artistic talent to shows like “The PJs” and “Celebrity Deathmatch” and taking awards for his amazing animation and stop motion shorts in features such as “Fish Tales”, Timothy Smyth is bringing a thrilling tale straight from our childhood imaginations. A silent film showing a classic circus crowded with […]

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    European Business Angels Investment Forum: Enabling Startups to Look at the Big Stage

    NEW YORK — The Soho Loft Media Group supported the forum organized by EBAN, Business Angels Association – Turkey (TBAA), Borsa İstanbul, and Forbes I Para Conferences on December 15 – 16, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. The first European Business Angels Investment Forum was held at the Shangri-La Bosphorus, Hayrettin İskelesi Sk İstanbul,Turkey from 8am […]

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    Giving Without Goals Can Leave Donors Feeling Unfulfilled

    Asia Pacific Brokerage Charitable Launches Campaign to Help Donors Create a Plan; For the 68 Percent of Pre-Retirees Expecting to Increase Their Charitable Activity, It’s a Good Time to Develop a Mission   Hong Kong, 2015 –  Although the majority of donors know which charities they will support each year, only 22 percent have a […]

  • Easy Taxi Corporate, Con Un Año Y Tres Meses De Presencia En Medellín, Confirma Que Ha Prestado 70,000 Servicios Empresariales En La Ciudad Y Tiene Más De 100 Empresas Vinculadas

    COLOMBIA (BusinessCol, 02 de Octubre de 2015) En 2014, ampliando su portafolio de servicios, Easy Taxi, la aplicación de solicitudes de taxi líder en América Latina, lanzó su plataforma para empresas, ‘Easy Taxi Corporate’. Luego de una inesperada demanda, el canal que inicialmente comenzó en Brasil, se expandió velozmente al punto de estar ya presente en 16 países.

  • Turquía Abre Mercado Colombiano Con Maquinaria Para El Sector Industrial Y Agroindustrial

    COLOMBIA (BusinessCol, 02 de Octubre de 2015) El próximo 23 de octubre, 20 empresas de Turquía visitarán Colombia para realizar la Rueda de Negocios Sector Industrial y Agroindustrial Turquía- Colombia 2015 con el objetivo de establecer alianzas comerciales con los empresarios colombianos interesados en importar  o distribuir maquinaria de esta industria al mercado local.

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    New crowdfunding legislation in Portugal

    As crowdfunding kicks in everywhere in the world, Portugal introduces new rules on crowdfunding this week. The text is the Portuguese equivalent to the American JOBS Act. It defines all types of crowdfunding (reward, loan, donation and equity) and establishes rules for each of them. Below are key highlights of the new legislation: There are […]

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