Bad Kids: a short film about a gang of teenagers in the 1950’s

Bad Kids is about a gang of teenagers in the 1950’s and the struggle between doing the right thing or doing what is easy.


Austin Thomas Wood has written a compelling feature length film following Mikey, one of the teenagers in Danny’s gang. When Danny accidentally kills a rival gang member and Mikey realizes that he and his friends are now accomplices to murder. Mikey must decide between turning himself in to stop Danny, or walking away and let Danny get away with murder…


Before we take on the enormous task of producing a feature film period piece, we have decided to make a short version of the film.


The short follows the group of teenagers in the moments directly after the accidental murder. Mikey and group discuss their options while Danny struggle to maintain control of the group and the situation that is spinning wildly out of control.


We plan on shooting the short film in Cape Girardeau, MO where the main street is still as it was in the 1950’s. With the help from the River City Rodders, we will be able to feature classic cars and hot rods from the 1950’s.


We are going to make this film with a very small cast and crew, all of whom have worked together before. We plan to road trip from California to Cage Girardeau, bringing out the small amount of gear we need and shooting in a real location. Sticking out actors in the middle of a real location will bring a level of authenticity to the performance that we believe is necessary in telling this particular story.


We are very excited to bring Bad Kids to life and hope that the vision expressed in the short film will capture the audience’s imagination and interest, leading to the feature film version.


Thank you for all the support!

Bad Kids is a short film about a gang of teenagers in the 1950’s. The leader of the gang, Danny, has a deadly secret. Mikey and the rest of the group need to decide if they are going to follow Danny, or hang him out to dry before he turns on them…

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