Battle Cat Coffee & Tea Brew Bar – Veganize my Town: enrolls communities to be come vegan

Battle Cat Coffee & Tea Brew Bar – Veganize my Town




Battle Cat Coffee & Tea Brew Bar is a small traveling pop-up that enrolls restaurants to have 3 vegan items on their menuand have the proceeds go to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Coalition for Healthy Food in Schools, Our Hen House, and Mercy for Animals

  • Owner Kevin Leal would like to Veganize Jersey City through his pop up project.
  • Battle Cat believes in a community that stands for each other and knows what is at stake with our nutrition and way we eat..
  • Jersey City is a growing community and with this project the magnitude has the potential to ignite a veganization movement supporting the fair treatment of animals and standing for our children’s daily lives in schools.

We are asking a contribution of $7,000 to purchase a La Marazocco mobile espresso machine, so we can travel to place to place with it. One of our investors Orale Mexican Kitchen has supported us with grinders and useful cafe equipment. However this machine is our key component to our launch.

What We Need & What You Get

Break it down for folks in more detail:

  • We need $7,000 for a La Marazocco GS3 machine. We need to raise these funds with velocity as we want to launch our project within the holiday season.
  • With donations, we are offering one year membership on all free coffee drinks and pastries. We offer recognition in charitable newsletters, as well as having Vegan chefs create home cooked dinner parties for you and guests.
  • If we do not meet our goal, our funds with then been donated to our charities that are standing to change the world so that they have the amenities to keep on moving on.

The Impact

Our project is to educate restaurants that pride themselves on farm to table cuisines with the support of charities. To create a community that knows better and has a choice in how they pursue the art of food as a healthy resort.

  • Becoming Vegan for one day, you will save: A life, 20 lbs of C02, 30 Sq feet of Forest, 40 lbs of Grains, and 1,100 Gallons of H20.
  • Battle Cat stands for humanity and fair treatment. We are very small, but are earnest in our ambitions support life…Let Rock!

Risks & Challenges

What we are trained to persevere will be enrolling others to volunteer long hours at a restaurant. A extensive training in coffee and in tea knowledge. Restaurant managers being cynicism that this will not make a difference. We stand in the face of our own “no agreement” 

  • Most of the hours will be divided by people who either enjoy helping in the morning and to those enjoy helping at night. Battle Cat is for fair treatment, so there is no make wrong – it is clearly a creative experience because this never existed before, so there is no right or wrong way..
  • Helping ones’ business alleviates any sour apples, and being a stand for a community with the possibility that this now, is the place to be will allow others to help as well. 
  • With great training comes inspiration to be cause in the matter, and that will help with the care of our equipment. Our training will be very hands on, and will be super easy as our equipment is minimal and easy to handle

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that donations can’t be made sometimes here is another way to help:

  • Write us a letter about your community that you love, and in 2 pages describe what would make it better, safer or more beautiful than it already is.
  • Spread the word to others that Battle Cat is a traveling cafe that helps young businesses increase profit by providing a morning coffee bar for customers.

Battle Cat Coffee & Tea Brew Bar is a small traveling pop-up that enrolls restaurants to have 3 vegan items on their menuand have the proceeds go to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Coalition for Healthy Food in Schools, Our Hen House, and Mercy for Animals.
See Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/battle-cat-coffee-tea-brew-bar-veganize-my-town#/
Contact Information:
Kevin Leal

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