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We maintain strict membership requirements and careful attention to verification of not only our members, but also each luxury item that is listed. This is all to maintain the integrity of our service. BillionaireBay provides an unmatched platform to sell or acquire exceptional goods.


People all across the globe are accumulating massive amounts of wealth, yet still lack for something: A trusted, secure, private, and reliable way to connect with others in their tax bracket who can offer items of interest to them.

For centuries, people have traded in traditional marketplaces or classic auction-houses, but with the unprecedented growth and popularity of online marketplaces, it has never been easier to connect with fellow traders around the world and to buy and sell items in an instant.

But what about luxury, privates sales or the auction of exclusive, high-end, and even unique items? Why should these transactions remain confined to, and limited by, the traditional marketplace? What if you’re looking for an equally effortless way to trade luxury items, with instant access to a global market?

Of course, when we’re talking about the exchange of such large sums of money, and such valuable, even one-off, goods, you need to be confident in the community you’re connecting with. How can you be sure that you’re trading with like-minded individuals with similar aspirations and spending capacity, so that you’re not wasting your time? And how do you know who you can trust?

As the wealthy continue to expand, as well as internet communication and online marketplaces, the need grows: anyone wishing to buy or sell high-end goods is faced with issues of confidentiality, safety features of transactions, and of information related to these transactions.


BillionaireBay responds to a growing need that has become indispensable; the establishment of a platform for sales and auctions dedicated to the wealthy. Our mission is to serve the interests of our members, while ensuring confidentiality and total discretion.

Looking to sell luxury goods? We understand that you want a fast and efficient sale, with discretion and privacy, at a price that does justice to your exquisite listing. BillionaireBay directly connects you with passionate, wealthy and trustworthy potential buyers, without the need for expensive brokers.

Or if you have recently come into a new or unexpected fortune – an inheritance, successful business venture, or windfall – you may wish to indulge in luxury purchases that were previously out of reach. BillionaireBay offers you a collection that is as extravagantly varied as our members: anything from jewellery, watches, dresses, cigars, wines and art, to yachts, cars, jets, real estate, and even islands. Looking for a Bengal kitten? Look no further! Our scope is only limited to what our diverse clientele bring to the table.

BillionaireBay is the only the online marketplace completely dedicated to transactions of the upscale and luxury markets.

Our Strategy:

We don’t settle for being the only game in the market, however. We want to become the benchmark for large fortunes, and the online reference sale’s spot of high-end goods.

We plan to achieve this in a number of ways:

Being promoted at events dedicated to the world of luxury, with pre-selection based on geographical priority areas.

The implementation of partnerships in the framework of Galas and Auctions.

Connecting with potential customers at festivals, such as the Lions, Cannes Film Festival, Luxury Fair and more. 

Charity event networking.

Targeted communication highlighting our strengths and our platform, to further expose us and let us be known in the world.


This truly elite marketplace we’re creating wouldn’t be complete without the world’s most illustrious, high-end brands choosing to partner with BillionaireBay to offer an exclusive arena of private sales and auctions.

In addition to connecting and trading with other wealthy individuals, our members have the privilege of browsing limited, special edition, or even unique pieces from such prestigious names as Cartier, Ferrari, Boucheron, Dior, Lamborghini, Louis Vuitton, and many others with even more enticing partnerships to come.


Members of BillionaireBay can complete transactions in a number of formats:

Straight purchase

Straight sale



How We’re Different

Other companies have tried in the past to design a platform that caters to the needs of the world’s high-end buyers and sellers – tried and failed. At Billionaire Bay, we pride ourselves on building a platform that our clients can trust, and on building a brand with a truly global perspective. 


In just a few months after our unofficial launch, BillionaireBay became eBay for the wealthy.

We have made appearances at many gatherings of the wealthy, such as :

As we continue to work to spread the word about BillionaireBay and connect with our target customers, we plan to host an annual BillionaireBay Gala to unite our members and present an auction of premium products such as Table Picasso, Pablo Picasso Canvas 2, and a Ferrari 250 GTO. The inaugural Gala is set for this coming June in beautiful Monaco. 

Wait, There’s More!

We have a panel of over 5,000 members experiencing favorable returns on our global platform.

Our products have been translated into three languages.

We provide an alternative to major auction houses, with less commission (Sotheby’s, Christie’s, etc.).  

We support numerous foundations. Buyers choose a percentage of their sale to donate to a charity of their choice.

We have a formal partnership with the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco (FPA).

We have a formal agreement with the most reputable web agency in the world: Fantasy Interactive.


Clément Sclippa, CEO
A former engineer, Clément has also been an entrepreneur for 12 years. He manages and unifies BillionaireBay’s projects, from technical design to marketing development.


Xenia Tchoumitcheva 
Xenia Tchoumitcheva is a Swiss-Italian personality and entrepreneur, and a star in the world of luxury. She built her stellar reputation exclusively through the power of the Internet, and has been pursued by the hottest fashion brands to wear their designs and represent their brand. Her involvement with BillionaireBay marks the first time she has signed on as an official muse and brand ambassador for a company. Her support generates enormous buzz and business for BillionaireBay, and we couldn’t be more excited to count her as one of our team! You can learn ore about Xenia by visiting her website

Fantasy Interactive 
Fantasy Interactive, also known as Fi, is a premier digital agency that provides creative, strategic and technologic services to some of the world’s most well-known companies. Fi is the Philippe Stark of the digital world, and their involvement with BillionaireBay is a powerful vote of confidence in our brand. 

We maintain strict membership requirements and careful attention to verification of not only our members, but also each luxury item that is listed. This is all to maintain the integrity of our service. BillionaireBay provides an unmatched platform to sell or acquire exceptional goods.
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