Biochar production in Värmland: Invest in Biochar to get Biochar in return

Biochar production in Värmland

Magnus Neldorin kolar grenar kvällstid vid Ransby.
Magnus Neldorin kolar grenar kvällstid vid Ransby.

The business today

The Ransby Biochar company in the region of Värmland in Sweden is a newly started company that produces the versatile material called biochar. Today, small scale production is done mainly on the farm of Ransby Backen near the lake Fryken. The method is the simplest possible – a pit in the ground and the biomass being charred are the remains from tree felling on the property. The technique is called flame curtain charring which enables pyrolysis to take place in the oxygen scarce zone beneath the fire front at the top.

To scale up the production and enhance process efficiency – an investment is needed! This is where you and this campaign comes in.

Biokol och den nu använda eldgropen.
Biokol och den nu använda eldgropen.

What is biochar?

Biochar is made in the same way as charcoal – combustion without oxygen, but with a smaller particle size and more versatile uses. The product Ransby Biochar sells are made for soil application. Because of it’s porous structure and cation-exchange capacity biochar increases soil activity, increase fertility, increases the ability of the soil to hold both nutrients and water.

The problem today – no biochar availiable!

Gardeners and farmers in Värmland which are interested in buying biochar have no possibility to buy small amounts. Instead they can buy 1 cubic meter from a company 1000 kilometres to the north… When Ransby biochar has invested in a new kiln, the amounts of produced biochar for the local market will be greatly increased.

Förkolningen sker i den varma volymen under elden.
Förkolningen sker i den varma volymen under elden.

Our solution

The investment in a new kiln enables medium scale biochar production of high quality. The product can be bought by people in Värmland.

What we will do with the money

AMA in Eskilstuna has made a steel kiln for the purpose of medium scale biochar production. This is exactly what Neldorin Biochar company needs to take the next step in their development towards a reliable producer of biochar for the local market. A steel kiln not only enables moveability of the production site, but also enhance process stability and efficiency.

The kiln can be seen ni picture below.

The biomass intended to be charred are twigs and stumps from tree felling in the close vicinity of Ransby Backen.

  • Moveability is key to low cost production methods due to the possibility to move the kiln to an area with recent tree felling.
  • Efficiency is needed to produce biochar that can be certified according to European Biochar Certificate. Buy a moveable kiln that high quality biochar can be produced in.
Kon Tiki-gryta gjord av AMA i Eskilstuna.
Kon Tiki-gryta gjord av AMA i Eskilstuna.

Why support this campaign?

It enables you to buy the perfect christmas gift! Everyone you know who will plant something in 2016 will benefit greatly from using biochar in their cultivations.

Invest in local medium scale biochar production in the region of Värmland to enable gardeners all around the region to be able to buy biochar.
See Campaign: https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/6846/biokolproduktion-varmland/?type=r&button=tile&from=browse
Contact Information:
Magnus Neldorin

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