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Apple became Apple because they focused on usability and design. The same is true for BOLD Gadgets: the Apple of smartphone accessories and gadgets.

By focusing on usability and design, we are creating products that set standards for excellence and become the bar for all others — starting with our BOLD Knot, the power bank / charger / cable on a keychain — a beautiful blend of aesthetics and function.

Following up the success of our Indiegogo campaign where we raised $114,000 and got press mentions from the likes of BuzzFeed and TechCrunch, we’re launching this Fundable raise to achieve scale and develop 3 more products in 2016.


Current smartphone charging accessories lack the balance between function, design, and price.

This is a problem, because clearly there is big demand:

The existing companies and solutions in these markets lack the balance between function, design and price. They are usually either too tech, with the highest and most complicated technologies applied, or fashionable and design-driven, and too expensive.

Let’s Not Reinvent the Wheel

We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, just make it better, smarter, and more useful.

At BOLD Gadgets, we integrate already existing technologies within smartphone gadgets and accessories. There are new awesome technologies coming up everyday, but for some reason, they never made it to these everyday-life gadgets. We integrate these technologies into tech gadgets to make them smarter.

In the example of our BOLD Knot, the technology for fast charging cellphones has been available for years, but it has not used to charge phones because it can be dangerous for mobile phones. We twisted this technology and made it safe for smartphone batteries, and then embedded it in a fashionable smartphone gadget.


BOLD Gadgets focuses on usability, design, and lifestyle, and we’re starting with the charging industry.

Meet the BOLD Knot: a fashionable power bank with a fast charging cable.

BOLD Knot is a stylish keychain power bank that has the capacity of adding up to 3 hours of extra talk time, with up to 2x faster charging cable.

How did we twist the fast-charging tech and make it safe for phones? We developed an intelligent integrated electric system that communicates with the phone to know how much power it needs. Most of other chargers, charge at a 50% rate of wall adapter power when being charged from usb ports of computers and cars to make sure it is safe. BOLD Knot can actually read the phone’s needs and give it the fullest charge without becoming unsafe.


Indiegogo Results

3,000 units pre-sold

Tons of press

Accepted into InDemand (newsletter features, extended raise period)

In the media

” A clever, Powerful and small charger that everyone should own”

   “A neatly designed top-up battery pack aiming to prevent smartphone users
    from running out of battery towards the end of the day”

   ” BOLD Knot may change the way we charge our devices”


 “Sleek and Stylish alternative to full-sized power packs”

And Tons of others

All this attention has led to 10 potential B2B clients who we are in negotiations with. For example, we are having ongoing talks with one of the biggest phone operators in Europe: Austria Telekom. We are also having talks with Baltics operators EMT/Elion and Tele2. 

We have a manufacturing partner and ongoing deals with distributors in Europe, the US, and the MENA region. Our manufacturer can handle a capacity of 100K units per month.

We have filed a design patent for BOLD Knot, and are filing patents for the products we are going to introduce in 2016 as well.

Last but not least, we got accepted into the Amazon Launchpad program. Amazon will place our product and market it, leveraging their huge consumer base to drive sales and name recognition.


We have 4 products in the pipeline for 2016 and 2017. Due to Intellectual property protection, we cannot disclose its information in the public profile.

If you are interested and wish to know more, you can find the details, and videosin the Business Plan section.



 “What’s most interesting about the Bold Knot — aside from its cute, keyring-esque design — is the team behind it”  


 “Bold Knot’s creators are certainly bold, they are innovative and a literal moveable feast” 



The BOLD Gadget’s team met in university where they began working on startup ideas. The faced one major challenge, however: they were in Palestine where the occupation and border restrictions made it nearly impossible to grow a business.

After a year of daunting development in Palestine, they relocated the company to Estonia, got into an accelerator there, and in less than two months, they were finally ready to launch.

Personal sacrifices were made along the way to make this dream a reality. Ismat Toffaha, the CEO, dropped out of university during his final year to make the move to Estonia, and Lama Mansour, COO, quit two very well paying jobs in order to focus entirely on BOLD Gadgets even before it had a working prototype.

However, they are finally in a place where the biggest hurdles are behind them. They launched their Indiegogo campaign, starting manufacturing, and became cash positive.

 Ismat Tuffaha, CEO

 TEDx recognizes Ismat as “the first Palestinian  from technology start -ups to have achieved  international renown and success on Indiegogo  platform” Ismat is a visionary industrial engineer  who founded two local startups in his teens and  early twenties, and who has great managerial  and marketing skills. He had to shut down his two previous startups, despite local recognition and success, due to border restrictions and difficulties in Palestine. Ismat won the global week of entrepreneurship prize in Palestine in 2014  for his leading innovative ideas. Ismat started  building hardware devices since his early teens, and BOLD Knot is only one of  many market fit products he has innovated. 


Lama Mansour, COO
According to Forbes: “Her story… illustrates the power of women in technology, as consumers, creators and co-founders.” A great marketer, business manager, and PR person, Lama manages all the non-technical aspects of BOLD. She founded a local startup with Ismat during university, all while maintaining honors and holding down two part time jobs. She has a background in marketing and business strategies. She became an ambassador for women entrepreneurs in Palestine. Lama also has sound connections with wholesalers and distributors, and has strong relations with former managers at Logitech, General Electric, Energizer and Quantum  



 Martin Kallstrom
 a Swedish tech entrepreneur and the CEO and  founder of Narrative, a tech start up marketing a  clip camera, as well as Twingly, a blog search  engine. Has recently raised $3M for his  company. Won 2015’s CES Editors’ Choice  award


Audra Shallal

Currently founder and Managing Director of an International Strategic Management Firm, Audra maintains two streams of specialization: Entrepreneurship-Business Planning and Luxury Goods. She has over ten years of experience in strategic management, business development, business and marketing plans, and product development in a wide range of industry sectors.



Independent contractors 

 Deepak Solanki

 CEO of Velmenni, an R&D engineering firm that  introduced over 20 products to the market in the past 3  years. Deepak has a vast experience and connections  with manufacturing. 



Sean Zhang

Industrial designer, Master Degree of Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design(RISD) with a bachelor’s degree from Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. Sean has over 4 years of industrial design experience from Tokyo to the US and Italy.


 Osaid Nabulsi

 Palestinian electrical engineers with 4 years of  experience in electronics. Osaid had been working with  Lama and Ismat for four years before starting BOLD  Gadgets. He is a genius tech guy who lives his life among  PCBs.

Apple became Apple because they focused on usability and design. The same is true for BOLD Gadgets: the Apple of smartphone accessories and gadgets.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/bold-gadgets
Contact Information:
Ismat Tuffaha
Lama Mansour

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