Bringr – Never Drive Away Without Your Phone or Things Again.

Meet Bringr Car: the new connected car device from Pairable, Inc. dedicated to getting you out the door and on your way with all of your essentials present and accounted for.

Plenty of “tag and find” solutions out there today will help you track down your stuff when it goes missing, but only Bringr Car has the ability to recognize when an item should be with you, and let you know that it’s missing — before you drive off without it.


What Nest brought to the thermostat, Bringr Car is here to bring to the car charger: a next-generation layer of intelligence and connectivity that completely redefines what a car charger is — and what it can do.


If you’re a member of the human race chances are that some version of this has happened to you before:

You get in your car to meet up with friends or leave for work, or maybe to head to the airport to catch a flight for your big business trip. Maybe you’re running late, maybe your mind is racing ahead to all the things you have to take care of that day, but whatever the reason, you’re not quite all there as you get ready and rush out the door.

And as you walk into the bar, pull up to the office or get to your gate at the airport, it hits you: you left your smartphone sitting on the coffee table. Or your purse sitting on the kitchen counter. Or your wallet… hmmm… where did you see your wallet last?

Like we said, it happens to the best of us: the average person spends 10 minutes a day looking for things they’ve misplaced, with the top 3 culprits most likely to go MIA being phones, keys and bags.  

At Pairable, we believe that just because things get misplaced doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.  And just because forgetting is a part of what it means to be human, doesn’t mean we should all have to turn the car around mid-commute everytime we accidentally leave something behind.

That’s what technology is here for, and that’s what we’ve designed Bringr to do:make sure the tiny details are taken care of, the annoyances and inconveniences eliminated, so that you are free to focus on the bigger picture and what you need to do.


We’ve all heard of the “smart home” by now: the collection of gadgets and apps that’s making it possible to do everything from controlling your lights to monitoring your home energy use with just the swipe of a smartphone screen.  With Bringr Car, Bringr is bringing the home automation revolution to your car.  

Just a car charger, you say? Look again! Bringr Car doesn’t just charge your mobile devices on the go: it also detects missing items – before you drive away without them. Bringr also includes a key tag to help you keep track of your keys, and even reminds you where you last parked your car, so you can kiss your days of wandering lost in the parking lot goodbye! 

As soon as you start your car, Bringr Car automatically searches for your phone and other important items, like your wallet, backpack, gym bag, or laptop. If anything’s unaccounted for, Bringr lets you know with a notification telling you what’s missing — and even where it was last hiding.


Bringr Car pairs with your phone automatically using your smartphone’s built-in Bluetooth technology. But we all know there are other, not-so-smart items that are just as likely to get misplaced or overlooked, and don’t worry — Bringr has a solution for those as well: the Bringr Tag.


The Bringr Tag is a Bluetooth-enabled “smart” tag that communicates with the Bringr app on your phone to make any item instantly trackable. Attach Bringr Tags to anything and everything you’re interested in keeping track of, or making sure makes it into the car with you: your wallet, your purse, your laptop — even the family pet.

Bringr Car will let you know if tagged items you designate aren’t in the car with you, but the Pairable App on your smartphone will go one step further, and track down your tagged item up to 100 foot range. Know the tagged item is close, but just can’t seem to lay your eyes on it? Just activate the Bringr Tag’s built in speaker and track it down by sound!


A smart solution demands a smart app, and with the Pairable App, we’ve designed the ultimate IoT hub to make tracking, finding and managing your connected things as simple and stress-free as possible:

Complete Integration

Pair the Pairable App with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including your Pebble, Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, and never worry about losing or misplacing them again.

Long Live Your Phone Battery

Bringr Car and Bringr Tags connect to your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy, so there’s no drain on your phone’s precious battery stores.


Share the Love

Easily assign which Bringr Tags belongs to what item by creating item profiles. Share access to Bringr Tags with the people in your life and conveniently manage permissions through the Pairable app.



Never Be Late

Create a schedule for your tagged items or sync your current Apple or Google Calendar. The app will tell Bringr Car to notify you if an item is missing from your car only when you need it. 


Tap to Find

If a tagged item is misplaced, use the app to track it down by distance or sound. The advanced locator shows you the direction and range of your misplaced item.



Leash Mode

Bringr Tags can be put into leashing mode, which keeps your phone connected toyour tagged items. You get an alert when your item is out of the range you specify.  Never leaver your keys behind again.


You’re Not Alone

A tagged item that is lost for good can be marked as missing on the app. You will get a notification of your item’s location when anyone from the Pairable community gets within range of your item, securely and anonymously. It’s like having your personal lost and found right at your fingertips.





As we said before, there are plenty of “tag and find” systems out there today—products like Tile and Trackr and SticknFind—that help you track down items when they go missing.

And those “tag and finds” are all great at what they do, but there’s just one catch: they all require you to realize that the item is missing to begin with. And in the middle of the hectic pre-commute rush, as you’re throwing on outfits, gulping down coffee, sending off a few emails that you really should have taken care of the night before — sometimes you just don’t have the time, not to mention the mental space, left over to do an in-depth inventory before you head out the door.

And with Bringr, you don’t have to. Because Bringr—and only Bringr—does the inventory-taking for you before you get going, so you can focus on the more important things that are happening when you get there: that big presentation you’re giving when you get to the office, or the big news you have to share with your friends when you get to the bar.


We have has seen some incredible success so far, and it’s all momentum building toward even bigger and better things to come:

In February 2014, Pairable was awarded a patent covering “the combined system, method and an interrogation device that detects the presence of objects within the confines of an automobile or other defined area.” This patent protects the core of the Pairable vision, and gives our company a powerful selling advantage in the “tag and find” industry that none of our competitors can match.

Pairable has completed successful crowdfunding campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo for its Bringr products. Between the 2 campaigns, we brought in pre-orders for 1,400 Bringr Car chargers and 6,700 Bringr Tags and raised close to $150,000.  Between our crowdfunding campaigns and pre-sales since then,we’ve already sold out of our initial run of 5,000 units, which we are now in the process of re-engineering to include Bluetooth LE in order to work with mobile apps and smartphones.

The Pairable/Bringr team is currently in confidential talks with several large auto brands and IoT networks. There are countless other possible partnership opportunities for Bringr to pursue within the auto industry with organizations ranging from automakers and car dealers,online taxi services, gasoline franchises and car dealerships. Our plan is to explore some of these opportunities in more detail following the launch of our products.

Up next for Pairable: final development of the Pairable App, then it will be time to get Bringr Car and Bringr Tag into production at scale. For more information about the future of Pairable and how you can be involved, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!


Asheem Aggarwal, CEO
Asheem is an entrepreneur and senior executive with a track record in launching and running technology and service start-ups. He has over 20 years of management experience and has been responsible for over $1 billion in combined revenues. Asheem has extensive experience in managing international teams, leading technology innovation and building products and services from the ground up and going to market.

Mark Flanagan, VP of Sales & Business Development
Mark is an entrepreneur and wireless industry veteran who began as an owner-operator of several non-wireline cellular operations and co-founder and former CEO of Debisys, the first closed-end transaction processing network servicing the pre-paid wireless airtime sector. Mark brings extensive experience in building out successful sales teams, as well as proven business development experience in early-stage businesses.

Andrew Ambrosino, Chief Product Officer
Andrew most recently worked in product design at Upthere, as a Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers Design Fellow. He has served as lead on project for healthcare, military and consumer applications.


James Logan, Founder and Chairman

A renowned inventor & entrepreneur, James has served as the Founder and CEO of MicroTouch, the largest touchscreen company (sold to 3M), and Founder and CEO of Personal Audio, the patent holder for Podcasting.

Meet Bringr Car: the new connected car device from Pairable, Inc. dedicated to getting you out the door and on your way with all of your essentials present and accounted for.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V43OQJLJbGo
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/bringr
Contact Information:
Asheem Aggarwal
Mark Flanagan
Andrew Ambrosino
James Logan

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