Burgundy & Brushes: Unique painting pARTies that reflect our passion for a healthier planet
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When Caira Hart and Jamie Zeff became neighbors on their quiet street in the orchards of Chico, California they quickly bonded through their mutual love of art. Soon Burgundy & Brushes was born. Its mission as a unique and chic twist on eco-friendly painting parties grew into an online venue for their handcrafted art supplies. From locally made easels of reclaimed wood to palettes made from cedar shingles, everything is made with purpose.

Both Jamie and Caira have made their way toward this dream with a common ambition: bringing art to the people. Jamie has a Bachelor’s degree in Art Studio and has been working as an artist for the past decade. She worked as an art teacher at the Janet Turner Summer Art Camp for Children, has interned at the 1078 Gallery, and co-founded NFA Galleries. In addition, Jamie has owned a tattoo studio and created sample paintings for another paint and sip company where she saw the potential to revolutionize the industry.

Caira, though not as seasoned in the arts community, has enough zest to rejuvenate it. She is majoring in Art Education and Early Childhood Education with special interest in Sustainability. She has applied herself as a face painter in the Chico and Santa Cruz area and is an instructor at the Unplugged Arts Performance Camp. She has worked as a commissioned artist for over 5 years. Bringing her daughter into the world only empowered Caira’s drive to ensure that future generations have the right to create.

With their particular interest in teaching, painting, and green living Caira and Jamie have found a powerful way to combine these motifs and incorporate them into a business. They are delighted by teaching others how to create art that reflects their passion for a healthier planet.

Business Description

Painting on a regular basis has been noted to help people to be less anxious, less prone to illness, and have a healthier sense of self-esteem. At Burgundy and Brushes, our dream is to provide unique painting pARTies that reflect our passion for a healthier planet. Clients will paint while treating their palates with fine drinks and foods in a lively social setting. We’ve designed easy to follow instructions coupled with techniques that allow anyone to create a pleasing piece of art. We are seeking funding to help with start-up expenses, enabling us to continue making our vision a reality.

Besides our pARTies, Burgundy & Brushes will also have a merchandise table that will sell our unique aprons, easels, canvases, past sample paintings, DIY painting kits, palettes, and more. These items will also be available for purchase online and at occasional craft fairs and farmer’s markets where we will simultaneously be promoting classes.

Burgundy and Brushes thinks of itself as a partner to the community and the planet. Whenever possible we will use the services of local artisans to construct our equipment. Our paints will be nontoxic, our canvases organic and handmade, and our easels and palettes made with reclaimed wood. Our wine supplier will be a nearby organic winery. It is through these business decisions that we hope to engage people in a “greener lifestyle” through art.

Our competitive advantage is the extra thought, effort, and love we put into our daily operations. Also, our awareness of current trends allows us to step outside the mold of today’s typical paint and sip pieces and offer an end product people will feel proud to hang on their wall at the end of the day. Please watch our progress:
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What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will contribute to our start-up expenses and operating expenses for two months at which time revenue generated, $11,652.50, will be sufficient to sustain operations as planned. The start- up costs are as follows:
Materials for organic canvases – $3,008.00
Eco-friendly paint – $432.00
Brushes – $200.00
Paint Pens – $81.00
Water Color Pencils – $313.00
Aprons made with fabric constructed from recycled plastic bottles – $970.00
Ingredients for organic brush cleaner – $50.00
Transfer paper – $18.00
Easels – $311.00
Paper towels – $55.00
Palettes – $90.00
Materials for place mats – $50.00
Drop clothes – $80.00
Accounting software – $15.00
Website – $15.00
Phone- $55.00
Business cards – $80.00
Stickers – $80.00
Insurance – $400.00
Organic t-shirts for advertising – $1,324.47

By supporting Caira and Jamie with this loan, you support the practice of women demonstrating to their daughters that if you put enough energy into pursuing your passion, you can have a successful career aligned with the way you want to live.

Painting on a regular basis has been noted to help people to be less anxious, less prone to illness, and have a healthier sense of self-esteem. At Burgundy and Brushes, our dream is to provide unique painting pARTies that reflect our passion for a healthier planet.
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