We are looking for additional funding for a film that follows the real life events of the Burston school strike of 1914.

We are looking for additional funding for a film that follows the real life events of the Burston school strike of 1914.


About this project

We are producing a full length feature film for general release in 2016, based on the Burston School Strike.

“Violet Potter (Jasmine Fretwell) has worked on a farm in Burston her whole life. Her parents have always worked there, and her children will work there some day. Nothing in Burston ever changes – that is, until the Higdons arrive and Violet’s told that she’ll be going to school. But when the leaders of the village decide that their future labourers are receiving too good an education, Violet must decide whether to accept her lot in life, or fight for the chance to be something more.           

Burston is the true story of the longest strike in British history, hidden in a Norfolk village in 1914. What began small became a bitter battle against the class system that lasted until 1939 – and it was all started by one 13-year-old girl.”

We already have a funding source, but further funding is desperately needed. We have however made a lot of progress in production of the film.

Your kind pledges will not go to something that is currently nothing. It will go on a major project that has already had lots of work put in by many industry experts and award winning creatives. We invite you to be part of this exciting film.

Costume Designs
Costume Designs

 We have specially made costumes currently being produced, to really give this classic, period feel.

More of our costume designs by Naomi Claxton
More of our costume designs by Naomi Claxton

You can see more of our costume designs by visiting our website.

Producers in an interview
Producers in an interview

Our producers have been hard at work getting the film publicity. We started in the early New Year, and have already had a number of TV, Newspaper, and radio interviews.

Burston film in the papers
Burston film in the papers

‘The story of the Burston School Strike to be told on the big screen’

Director George
Director George

Our Director George is no stranger to ambitious productions. He is award winning and deeply passionate about what he does. Earlier in the year, his work was featured on BBC Three.

We now welcome you to pledge what you can, and help make this film happen.

Thank you!

Risks and challenges

We are running this, on a budget of £70,000… That is tiny for what we aim to achieve, but we have a unique film that has never been told in a feature film before, which is grabbing the attention of industry giants.

We have a fantastic team of professionals behind us, with specialist training and over 70 years of experience.

On board, we have an award winning Director, a producer with 8 years’ experience in production management, a truly inspired writer with a beautiful script, and an excellent Production Manager.

One of the biggest challenge with a film such as this, is working with children (Goes the saying “Never work with children or animals).
We have a team of experienced DBS checked, and safeguarding trained staff. Our producer also has experience in teaching acting to children of all ages.

We have a child lead, who was offered the role of Violet Potter, having seen of over 900 other applicants.

Our producers are working closely with the Safeguarding Officer, and local councils to make sure we keep to a strong safeguarding policy.

Another challenge is keeping in with the historical accuracy that goes with the film. We are working with not only local historians, but also members of the real families involved in the events in 1914.

We are looking for additional funding for a film that follows the real life events of the Burston school strike of 1914.
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1935944063/burston-feature-film
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Justin Eade

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