Campaign begins ‘Visit Panama Best Influencer 2015’


The action looks for someone who could connect the country to the world through the use of social networks. This is the challenge that the Tourism Authority of Panama has set upon itself through the campaign ‘Visit Panama Best Influencer 2015’. Through the bestinfluencer.visitpanama.com website participants will have the exceptional opportunity to tour around the country, to places like San Blas, Bocas del Toro, Panama City, St. Catherine, Volcan Barú, Boquete, Portobelo and more.

Using the hashtags #VisitPanama and #PanamaBestInfluencer, participants will strive to capture the essence of each territory visited, from its nature and its beaches to its city richness, its history and trade.

A digital story told in first person and real time.

In this game of gamification 5 influencers will compete: 4 of them have already been pre-selected by the Tourism Authority of Panama, while the fifth can be any person who is passionate about social media and travel.
The latter participant will be recruited through the micrositebestinfluencer.visitpanama.com where an online contest has been launched and it will evaluate the interactions the participants’ videos obtain.

The winner will face the four adventurers that have already embarked on this journey: Brazilian Instagrammer and professional photographer Paulo del Valle, Top 50 Travel Blogger Sabrina Iovino, spain’s surf champion Lucia Martiño, and finally Mexican Mariana Bonilla one of the most influential youtubers from LATAM.

These 5 participants will separately travel for a week through Panama; each one will get a specific route. Their adventures could be followed through the daily contents each influencer will upload in their networks and the contest’s website bestinfluencer.visitpanama.com. You will be able to see, share and vote for your favorite candidate.

Ruth Falquina Innnovation Brand & Consulting is Panama’s Tourism Authority digital agency and the creator of this gamification strategy, branded content and influence. According to the creative and technological Director of the agency, Angel Alonso “Visit Panama Best Influencer aims to promote the connection of digital users with Panama’s touristic attractions at a time when social networks have become a communication window for tourism and a key tool in the decision-making process for travelers. Therefore, the participants of this game are called to inspire and convey the illusion on which they will undertake, from October to December, this exciting adventure

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More information:

Web: http://bestinfluencer.visitpanama.com/?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/visitpanama

Twitter: https://twitter.com/visitpanama

Instagram: https://instagram.com/visitpanama

Press Kit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zvt7b7qudlakp6b/AAAQFl8uNoX8MrDmfJ1ik4nYa?dl=0

The contest seeks for Panama’s best influencer. This innovative action will allow a traveler to compete with 4 influencers shortlisted by the Tourism Authority of Panama for a week and explore the tourist attractions of the country.
See Campaign: http://bestinfluencer.visitpanama.com/?lang=en
Contact Information:
Visit Panama Best Influencer
Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá

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