CashPlay – Game Monetization Via Real Money eSports

Consumers have an insatiable appetite for playing competitive games to win real money. At Cashplay, we’re making it our mission to meet that demand.

Cashplay is the ultimate arena for real-money games of skill. Our one-of-a-kind platform is the place to go for tournaments of mobile and online games in the genres of eSports, arcade games, and skill-based casino games.

After helping hundreds of developers monetize their games through real money tournaments and engage their users better, Cashplay is now using this institutional knowledge to develop our own games in-house, starting with an innovative Skill Poker title, a real money poker game which has been pre-approved by Apple for release on the App Store.

As the gaming industry continues to skyrocket, Cashplay’s eSports tournament system backed by a real money wallet is quenching the thirst of competitive gamers worldwide. Just ask Forbes who said: “Cashplay disrupts the status quo in the gaming industry.” Read on to find out how.

Cashplay has developed a revolutionary solution to the monetization problem most game designers face.

Cashplay gamers enjoy the way the our games make money – through the organic, competitive nature gamers all share.

Unlike the typical, annoying experience of making money through advertising and constant requests for paid upgrades, monetization through cash tournaments leads to an increased volume of play sessions, extended player lifetime retention, and higher player lifetime value.

The proof: Our top games convert upwards of 15% of their audience to real money competitions.

Cashplay is a platform for mobile tournament games backed by a real money wallet. The Cashplay app, currently available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones, offers users the ability to discover skill games where they can compete against players in over 150 countries for real money across a number of genres including: racing, sports, shooters, action, puzzle, endless runners, skill-based casino, and much more.

All these features are coming to our newest release: 100% skill real money poker. Pre-approved by Apple, and soon to be available worldwide, this real money poker game represents the future of mobile gaming.

Revolutionizing the way gaming apps drive revenue
Increasing user retention rates
Providing five-times greater player-to-payer conversion ratios than industry averages
Raising lifetime value per user
The world’s only GLOBAL cash tournament mobile gaming platform

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: let’s talk about DraftKings and FanDuel.

Daily fantasy sports platforms DraftKings and FanDuel have come under considerable scrutiny over the past few months as states grapple with the question of whether fantasy sports qualify as games of skill be considered games of skill — or games of chance.

As you’ve no doubt seen, most states have come down on the side of fantasy sports not being skill-based, and therefore qualifying as gambling.

Here’s the key point to remember: No one has ever questioned whether games of skill are gambling. The question states are grappling with as they consider the case of DraftKings and FanDuel is whether daily fantasy sports are skill based — and the conclusion they are coming to is, “No.”

Every game on Cashplay is skill-based. Players have complete control over their outcome, without chance having an impact on the result. By definition, we are the exact opposite of gambling. There is a world of difference between Cashplay and daily fantasy sports.

Cashplay is a first mover and leader in the eSports industry: We are the first company allowed to distribute real money payouts globally on Apple’s App Store, and we are also the only real money tournament provider operating globally, with cash players in over 150 countries. We have a great relationship with Apple, allowing us to get pre-approvals on our games and fast-track apps to market when needed.

Thus far, we have targeted specific game genres according to what we know works best for real money gaming. Cashplay has partnered with multiple third-party titles like World Golf Tour (the world’s top golf game), Baller Legends, First Touch Games, and many more. We are also establishing partnerships with larger developers like Zynga, Com2US, EA, Vivid, Hutch Games, and other firms who are looking for ways to increase player engagement and average revenue per user. All told, our platform has been integrated into over 100 games since inception.

A bigger focus moving forward, however, is partnering with major developers worldwide to release a series of our own self-published titles, including a 100% skill poker real money game. Many of these self-published games are made in cooperation with and feature high-profile celebrities, including hip-hop superstar Tyga and newly-minted NBA Three-Point Contest champion Klay Thompson.

This snapshot of our growth in just a year and a half, from mid-2014 to the start of 2016, shows how impactful we have been in the market:

Three key factors ensure we’ll continue to outpace the competition:

Our key relationship with Apple, which allows unlimited global real money payout on the App Store.

Our recent whitelisting by Facebook means we are in a position to drive massive traffic via the world’s most popular social platform.

Our partnerships with AAA payment provision partners worldwide, which take upwards of 12 months to secure, include access to over 80 electronic payment methods worldwide.

We also have world-class fraud and cheat protections in place, both operated by an experienced customer service team with over a decade of online gaming experience.

In the coming months, we will launch a joint partnership with Sprint and three of the largest Native American casinos in the country. The Sprint Prepaid Loyalty Card Program is a joint venture where Cashplay is the official Real Money Skill Gaming destination for all casino patrons. With an expected cardholder base of 8 million, Cashplay will get tons of exposure to the right audience: paying gamers who want a real money experience even when not in the casino. In conjunction with this program, Cashplay will also be adding skill aspects to traditional casino games to tap into this expanding audience base.

Jarrod recently moved to San Francisco from Prague after 18 years abroad, during which he created and led multiple businesses across a wide spectrum of sectors. He successfully built and sold a corporate services firm, after which he partnered to create Connect2Development, a company that launched and grew software development and IT outsourcing capabilities across Central and Eastern Europe. He helped to grow annual revenue to over $1M within two years. He starting Cashplay after having successfully run a licensed sports-betting company. Jarrod has also raised over $30M for projects in technology and real estate. As our CEO, he is responsible for the general strategic management, business development, and communication.

Tom leads global sales and business development activities for Cashplay. He is in contact with most of our key business partners and represented Cashplay on many gaming related events during the last two years.

Before joining Cashplay, he was a co-founder of a leading social media & digital marketing agency in the UK and has advised leading brands such as Lego, Maxim, and ITV on their online marketing strategy.

Thomas received the 2005 HSBC Bank International Innovation award for creating and delivering an industry leading investment platform. He was responsible for the creation and launch of HSBC Bank International’s online investment proposition, which equated to over 14 million GBP in new sales and accounted for 30% of all new total direct investment sales across HSBC bank international’s product.

Martin is responsible for the financial management of the group and management of daily operations of Cashplay subsidiaries. He also coordinates accounting, financial reporting, and tax reporting on behalf of the group. Prior to Cashplay, Martin worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers where he advised the largest Czech and international companies including ArcelorMittal, ČEZ, and Czech Aeroholding to strategic transactions.

Guy Costantini, Head of Community Engagement
Guy has been making organizations dominant in the video game, entertainment, and high-tech software industries for over 15 years. He has brought to market iconic AAA games to over 200 million people, representing brands like Star Wars, Marvel, and League of Legends.

At Epic games, he led the building and amplifying of the incredibly successful League of Legends, running the largest live eSports event in America when the LOL finals took place at LA’s Staples Center.

Later, he built the community marketing org at Kabam from scratch, creating successful partnerships with YouTube, Google, Facebook, Apple, Marvel, Lucas and others, where he quickly demonstrated how a talented, scrappy team could outperform channels 100x the size on campaigns aimed at both players and press.

Robert Cohen, Advisor
Robert led a 100% buyout of Internet security company AVG in 2004, and participated as a board member and in senior management in the subsequent expansion of AVG until its IPO on NYSE in February 2012. He is an investor in over 25 early stage companies, mainly in Israel, Czech Republic, and the US. He provides active assistance to a number of portfolio companies in general business strategy, product development, finance & operations, business development, capital raising, and M&A.

David Sargeant, Advisor
Throughout his career, David has worked with many of the world’s leading gaming operators and has spoken, moderated, and chaired at conferences and events all over the world.

Consumers have an insatiable appetite for playing competitive games to win real money. At Cashplay, we’re making it our mission to meet that demand.
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