Catalyst Activewear: to bring affordable luxury to the world of activewear

Catalyst Activewear

Catalyst Activewear



The Idea

Our vision

The Catalyst Activewear mission is to bring affordable luxury to the world of activewear.

For us, it is crucial to make a difference. From the first day, we partnered with the World Land Trust, patron by Sir David Attenborough. For every meter of fabric we purchase, we are saving one meter of rainforest in Ecuador and Mexico. This, is forever making a difference. This, is being a catalyst.

We have the ambiton to grow Catalyst into a yoga-inspired bold and creative global clothing brand.



What we do

At Catalyst Activewear, we aim to create technical-casual clothes for active women.

Our muse is named Amber. She is 34 and she works in a bank, where she enjoys a great career. Amber will soon leave the safety of her role in order to set-up her own creative company. She’s the catalyst of her own story.

Meet Amber, our ideal customer:

  • 34 years old, married, with one young child
  • She eats and lives healthily – mostly vegetarian, drinking lot of smoothies
  • Professional and educated, she will soon be a creative freelancer following her career in the city
  • She loves living in town and escaping on weekends to the West Country when she can. She holidays in the European sun and particularly loves Greece
  • She is communication savvy, actively using Instagram and Facebook
  • She has high spending power but spends wisely
  • She reads Garage, the Times, Monocle and sometimes Grazia
  • And, of course, she does yoga twice a week and runs about once a week. 

Amber is looking for:

  • Amazing designs
  • Affordable luxury
  • An inspirational brand
  • Long-term relationships
  • Craft, quality and longevity
  • Clothes she can wear all day, taking her from the mat to the rest of her every day living

We strive to take Amber from the mat to the rest of her every day living

Our goal is to design for people like Amber the most beautiful, versatile and inspiring garments that can be worn anywhere. We aim to bring affordable luxury to activewear wardrobes, and we aim to reward our customers for it.

Catalyst aims to take yogis from the mat to the rest of their every day living. Their goal is to design the most beautiful, versatile and inspiring garments that can be worn anywhere.
See Campaign: https://www.crowdcube.com/investment/catalyst-activewear-20673
Contact Information:
Daniel Roy
Radana Lancman

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