CBL Worldwide II, Inc.: A global membership-based sports league business for the amateur basketball marketplace

The CBL is a global membership-based sports league business for the amateur basketball marketplace with an experimental B2C marketing platform for national and global brands.

The mission of the Community Basketball Leagues/CBL Worldwide II, Inc. is to provide amateur basketball players with the best league experience possible… online and offline. We do this by partnering with top-tier national brands that market and advertise to our core audience of 50 million people.

The problem that the CBL solves is connecting brands and companies directly to the amateur basketball marketplace. Until the CBL, there wasn’t a national basketball league brand for the 4.2 million adult amateur players in the United States.

The opportunity for the CBL is to give brands and companies a new and exciting way to increase their brand awareness and engagement. The amateur and recreational basketball space is in need of a direct marketing platform for brands that will engage and energize the marketplace.

The solution we are offering is a national amateur basketball league that will be leveraged as a marketing and advertising platform by the brands and companies we partner with.


CBL Worldwide turns pickup games into professional basketball!

Here is how an investor should view CBL Worldwide:

  • If you think of the CBL as a basketball league in a few cities, it’s not big.
  • If you think of the CBL as dominating and even growing the amateur adult basketball market in dozens of cities, it gets bigger. (Data point: there will be more CBL teams in the US in 2016 than there were in ALL semi-pro basketball leagues before the CBL started).
  • If you think of the CBL as absorbing the 25 million amateur players market and becoming the direct and experimental marketing platform for national and global basketball brands, it gets pretty huge.
  • If you think of the CBL as bringing pro basketball format for “amateur” players to parts of the world that did not have it because of insufficient business model or density, it gets even larger.
  • If you think of the CBL as a career development and marketing service that can help train players (both youth and adults) and team managers, provide key athletic and business experiences, and help market and assist them with securing college and career opportunities, it gets very large.
  • If you think of the CBL as an apparel brand provider for players and people, it gets even larger.
  • If you think of the CBL as a replacement for players around the world that didn’t make it to the NBA, it gets even larger.
  • If you mix in SMART CBL Arenas with league and player activity all across the world, orchestrated by the CBL, it grows again.
  • If you think of the CBL as a giant technology company orchestrating the career development and marketing opportunities of millions of people and businesses all over the world, you get what could be one of the largest and most lucrative amateur sports league organizations in the world.

This potential is the primary reason that the CBL has garnered so much attention from people who love the game of basketball. The economic, environmental, and everyday implications are huge. We have the opportunity to bring amateur basketball into the 21st century and change the way that people think about basketball, making it less about every player making it to the NBA (the world’s best professional basketball league) and more about people making the game apart of their everyday lifestyle and career until they make it to the NBA.


We’re a global membership-based basketball league for the amateur marketplace with an experimental B2C marketing platform for national and global brands.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/hx9nR_UVDMY
See Campaign: https://www.crowdfunder.com/cbl-worldwide-ii-inc-/invest
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