CFX Markets Adds Dan Breen as Managing Partner as its Secondary Market for Alternative Investments Grows


CFX Markets, the secondary market for alternative investments, announced today that Dan Breen has joined the company as Managing Partner. Dan has been hired to aid in the rapid growth being experienced by the platform. He brings over 25 years’ worth of secondary market trading experience to CFX Markets.

“As the first secondary market for crowdfunded assets, CFX Markets is filling a large gap in the marketplace, and I’m looking forward to helping CFX establish itself as the liquidity option for private investors,” said Dan Breen. “At the same time, the CFX platform also has the potential to make the secondary trading of private REITs and other alternative assets more efficient than ever before, so I’m excited about our overall value proposition for those assets as well.”

Dan has been a partner and co-owner of Pacific Partnership Group, a firm focusing on the secondary market transfers of non-listed REITs and limited partnerships, for over 20 years. He has been a registered representative for 29 years and has testified as an expert witness, written articles about secondary markets and has spoken at many financial conferences and seminars for brokers and the investing public.

“CFX Markets is committed to helping the alternative assets industry reach its full potential by providing investors with the option of liquidity,” added CFX Markets Managing Director Juan Hernandez. “We also know that having a critical mass of listings available on the platform is crucial to attract buyers and potential market makers, and the addition of Dan will be a huge boost to our deal flow. We highly value his strategic insight as well, which will be vital as we scale our operations over the coming year.”

The new hire comes as CFX Markets marks the rapid growth of its secondary trading platform. Nearly two dozen crowdfunding platforms have already joined the CFX marketplace, including EarlyShares, Property.com, PeerRealty, American Homeowner Preservation, CrowdFranchise, and PropertyStake.

The CFX platform is currently in invitation-only mode. To learn more, contact CFX at info@cfxinvesting.com.  

About CFX Markets

CFX Markets is the secondary market for alternative investments. CFX provides an open and secure network to facilitate secondary market transfers of private securities in alternative asset classes. The CFX platform bring the option of liquidity to the 8.7 Million accredited investors who invest nationwide in the alternative investments industry. Visit cfxinvesting.com for more information.  

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