CFX Markets Announces the Addition of EarlyShares to its Secondary Market for Crowdfunding Investments


CFX Markets, the secondary market for crowdfunding assets, announced today the addition of real estate crowdfunding platform Earlyshares to its online network. EarlyShares will allow its investors to list shares on the CFX secondary market, subject to SEC resale restrictions.

“We’ve always believed that the crowdfunding industry needs an industry-wide secondary market to achieve its full potential, and the addition of EarlyShares to CFX Markets is a big step in that direction,” said CFX Markets Managing Director Juan Hernandez. “EarlyShares has become one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms in the industry, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to CFX.”

EarlyShares co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Heather Schwarz added that “We’re excited about the development of a secondary market for crowdfunding investments, the next step in full investor flexibility, and we look forward to providing our investors with that flexibility through CFX. As investment crowdfunding grows, liquidity is only going to become more important, and we at EarlyShares are excited about being able to offer the option of liquidity to our investors.”

CFX Markets allows investors to buy and sell shares of crowdfunding investments from other participants in the market. Investors simply sign up for a free CFX account and authenticate their identity on the CFX platform. CFX then automatically pulls updated data from the partner portal, and sellers indicate the price that they’d like to sell an asset for (an offer, or “ask”).

Interested buyers can review listed assets and offers, along with historical financial data on each asset, before posting bids to buy listed assets. Nearly two dozen crowdfunding platforms have already joined CFX Markets and have made their investment offerings available for resale on CFX, including PeerRealty, American Homeowner Preservation, CrowdFranchise, and PropertyStake.

The CFX platform is currently in invitation-only mode. Investors interested in buying or selling shares of crowdfunding assets may request access at CFXinvesting.com. Crowdfunding portals interested in listing their investment offerings on CFX Markets may contact CFX at info@cfxinvesting.com for more information.

About CFX Markets

CFX Markets is the secondary market for crowdfunding assets. CFX provides an open and secure network to facilitate secondary market transfers of private securities in alternative asset classes. The CFX platform brings the option of liquidity to the 8.7 Million accredited investors who invest nationwide in the crowdfunding industry. The secure online market connects various leading crowdfunding portals across the industry. For more information, visit CFXinvesting.com.

About EarlyShares

EarlyShares is the trusted real estate crowdfunding platform that gives accredited investors direct access to vetted, return driven investments in commercial real estate. Under new securities regulations, EarlyShares streamlines the processes of real estate investing and capital raising to make them more accessible, transparent, and data-driven. Thousands of investors are seeking to invest nearly $300 million on EarlyShares in the next 12 months. Last year, EarlyShares was ranked as a top 10 real estate crowdfunding platform in a detailed survey and review conducted by TheRealEstateCrowdfundingReview.com. For more information or to join the ‘Future of Investing,’ visit EarlyShares.com.

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EarlyShares joins CFX Markets, making its crowdfunding assets available for purchase and resale on the CFX secondary market.
See Campaign: http://cfxinvesting.com/
Contact Information:
Daniel Kelly, Head of Operations, CFX Markets
(312) 543-0812

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