ChargeBox: a leading provider of secure mobile charging services for public and semi-public spaces




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ChargeBox is a leading provider of secure mobile charging services for public and semi-public spaces.  We aim to make free charging as common as free Wi-Fi. Having witnessed demand from across the world, we have put in place what we believe to be some key pieces to scale. We now need to expand our sales and marketing efforts, as well as increase our R&D for the next generation of products, to allow us to address this global demand for charging services.


Established 10 years ago to bring the secure public charging services to mobile users, our UK designed machines are recognised by our clients for providing value added service and have been exported to every continent. Loved by end-users who frequently call ChargeBox a #lifesaver, we have provided over 5 million charges so far this year, and we have built (or have in production) over 2,000 machines. Our clients include well-known organisations who wish to provide the best customer experience to their visitors and encourage smartphone use, which is highly correlated with increased spending.We have a strong base of recurring revenues from rentals, service contracts, short term event rental, a legacy vending business, and international license and software maintenance fees. We have invested in significant IP protection, including two patents in process with international coverage. In several of our markets we are now experiencing media-led inquiries which increase our confidence of additional revenue streams in the future, which have not yet been factored into our financial forecasts.

ChargeBox is a leading provider of secure mobile charging for public and semi-public spaces having already delivered over 5 million successful charges this year.
See Campaign: https://www.crowdcube.com/investment/chargebox-20526
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Ian Hobson
John Cheese
Richard Gutsell

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