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Brimoncourt, the most joyful Champagne house in a well-established industry is officially conquering the US market! 

The Brimoncourt Society, a membership club for American champagne lovers, is live.

Becoming a member turns you into a Brimoncourt Ambassador for life with special and exclusive privileges.

On Thursday October 15, Brimoncourt is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise support for their ambitious project: building a strong community in the United States and welcoming 2,000 members into the Club.


With The Brimoncourt Society, Brimoncourt wants to break down the snobbery surrounding the wine industry and let a group of fun loving early adopters enjoy a unique wine experience by introducing a new champagne deal.

If you go to any retail store you would pay $50 or $60 for a premium champagne; as a member you pay half of the retail price, a privilege that lasts for a lifetime!

To achieve this goal, Brimoncourt is ushering in a new approach, using a direct-to-consumer business model and e-commerce experience to keep prices low and create high engagement with its Society members.

Thanks to this innovative and win-win model, Brimoncourt cuts the different trade margins and offers a refreshing new experience.


The Kickstartercampaign starts on October 15th and runs for 4 weeks. The sky is the limit, to reach their ambitious and amazing goals, this campaign comes with multiple benefits and rewards, from a stunning polo shirt to a trip to France including 2 Business flights to Paris and 2 nights in a 5 star hotel in Reims.



Brimoncourt has decided to use crowdfunding to launch the Brimoncourt Society so that they can share the Brimoncourt experience with more people in the United States.

With Kickstarter, they want to achieve the following goals:

  • Accelerate our growth in the US by investing on resources in the field
  • Increase our visibility on and offline 
  • Buy state alcohol licenses to be able to ship to more states
  • Organization of a backers gathering event in NY
  • Create amazing rewards for the members
  • Create a special Cuvee in 2016, to celebrate the 240th birthday of the Declaration of Independence (limited edition)
  • Restore some part of the Brimoncourt Mansion in Reims that are unrestored since WWI


Taken over in 2008 by ambitious ex-lawyer and former art dealer, Alexandre Cornot, Brimoncourt is the freshest champagne house, cultivating a tension between modernity and tradition. Founded to pay tribute to the original spirit of champagne, Brimoncourt refers directly to the French Régence Era, when champagne first became fashionable. Back then, around 1715, champagne was a wine to celebrate the everyday, a symbol of lightness, sharing, elegance and independence. Brimoncourt claims the freedom to be light!

Since January 2014, Champagne Brimoncourt is distributed in France by Baron Philippe de Rothschild France Distribution and by other prestigious partners in Europe. Brimoncourt has the ambition and the potential to become a significant player on the US market.

Source: ICNW

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