Children Of The Water Self Rescue: teach children self-rescue in water


Our Mission is to teach as many children as possible self-rescue in the water. These specialised skills will aid babies and children to orient themselves in the water and self rescue.

Our intention is to help prevent the tragedy of drowning through education, training and fun, and help those around the world who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn these skills.

Our training program will also enable other adults to become practitioners and share these skills within their community.

We intend to set up our business, Children Of The Water, in Ibiza. We will then take our skills to remote areas of the world to train adults to set up their own Children Of The Water schools.


More than two persons every minute die from drowning every year around the globe. From that more than 50 per cent are children, including children who can swim.

Drowning can occur in as little as 1 inch of water. A child will lose consciousness approximately 2 minutes after submersion. Irreversible brain damage occurs after 4-6 minutes. Watching your children is not enough to protect them from every hazardous water situation. Teaching children survival swimming skills provides an extra layer of protection. Learning to roll onto their backs and float unassisted is crucial for survival. 


Babies and young children from the age of 6 months (crawling) up to 6 years learn to survive through this specialised course when falling in the water unexpectedly. Children will learn how to relax, float and control their breathing even while being in a stressful situation, such as falling in the water without their parents or supervisor present.

What do the children learn?

Infants six months (crawling) to twelve months can learn to:

  * hold their breath in the water
  * float, relax and breathe until rescued by an adult
  * perform these skills fully clothed

Some infants may even learn to propel a short distance through the water between two parents. Learning these skills takes approximately 16-20 lessons, depending on the capabilities of your child.

Children who are walking (starting from 1 years old until as old as 6 years) can learn to:

  * hold their breath in the water
  * swim with their face in the water to a safe place/parent
  * roll over onto their back when they need to breathe
  * flip back onto their tummy to continue to swim until reaching there destination.
  * perform these skills fully clothed

Learning these skills takes approximately 16 to 24 lessons, depending on the capabilities of the child. Lessons are one -on – one and app. 10-15 minutes each

How you teach a baby who cannot talk:

Swimming and floating are motor skills that are taught through repetitive exercise, along with gentle verbal encouragement. We will show them what we want them to do, and over a short period of time, they will learn the skills necessary to survive. Don’t worry! We will not throw your baby/toddler into the water! We will use a variety of methods, combining the best ideas from swim schools, infant/toddler programs throughout the world.

Our goal is to make learning fun so that your child will love being in the water!


What we have is two very passionate mums who cant wait to get started and teach as many children possible around the world these amazing life saving skills.
We have a waiting list of at least 50 people ready to participate on the course and besides them thousands of children in underpriviliged countries who we can help prevent from possible drowning. 


We are looking for 15.000 Euros. The money will be used for training and to teach children around the world  on the scholarship program.

5.000 Euros: To train Zoë to become a Children Of The Water Self Rescue certified Teacher. A certified self rescue survival swimming coach will come to train Zoë, so she has is full qualified & insured. This training is only available in the US therefore there is a huge lack of skilled teachers in Europe where drowning is one of the top causes of death in children.

10.000 Euros:  To give as many children around the world, who cannot afford this course, the opportunity to partake in our Children Of The Water Self Rescue Course. 


Our only obstacle is money. Not every family can afford to participate. With your help we can offer spaces on the Scholarship Program.


No family should be denied the opportunity to learn The Children Of The Water self rescue skills. Therefore we aim to offer as many scholarships to families who can not afford the program. Will aim to do this through donations & fundraising and wonderful sites such as this.

Source: ICNW

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