Cook Better A!#HOLE: a journey to not suck. Un-suck

I’m Aaron Lunsford.  I’m an author, drummer, and possibly an expert level home cook.  I’m not sure how to verify that.  People say “MMMMM THAT’S GOOD” when they eat my food. 

I’m bad at communicating in person (verbally) about cooking.  Or about anything for that matter.  That’s why I’m not doing a pitch video.  One time my sister asked me how  to brown mushrooms and I made her cry.  I didn’t mean too.  I don’t mean to be an asshole.  My wife may tell you differently. 

If you know anything about me before you came here, it’s probably that I was in a semi successful band called, As Cities Burn.  Music was my job for a long time.  But sometimes when I wasn’t on tour, playing drums for small amounts of money, I would work in kitchens.  Mostly in Baton Rouge, LA.  I walked in one day to a downtown bar/grill and lied about my experience.  Since that day in 2008, I have grown to love cooking more than I ever loved music. 

Most of my development as a cook has come since leaving restaurant work (although I did learn all my foundations for cooking in restaurants.) Reading cookbooks, learning new techniques by watching videos, and cooking at home almost every day.  You see, I have curated a really nice set of resources for myself to pull from that advance my skills in the kitchen.  Whether that be magazines, TV shows, food writers, or chefs…I know what I like and I know where to find it. 

It seems to me that 99% of people I know aren’t pulling from what I would call the “right” resources.  I want to change that.

You guys that know me – friends, family, crossover fans of my band that like my food pics on instagram – are always asking for “recipes”.  What an awful word.  I don’t have “recipes”.  I have just learned to cook.  I reference “recipes”.  But rarely do I follow one. 

Technique.  Instinct.  Patience.  Attention to detail.  Good ingredients.  Proper resources.  That’s what this book is going to give you.  Oh and yes…recipes (much to my dismay, but hell I want somebody to buy this thing.)

I want you to not suck at cooking.  And I want you to stop asking me how to not suck.  I’m not a “chef” (biggest pet peeve when people talk about my cooking).  I’m not a “foodie” (don’t get me started).  I just care about eating well and I believe cooking is fun.  I’m here to point you in the right direction.  I want you to move on to BETTER resources than dumb ass Aaron Lunsford. 


Too many people suck at cooking. Let’s go on a journey together…a journey to not suck. Un-suck. Technique. Instinct. Patience. Attention to detail. Good ingredients. Proper resources. That’s what this book is going to give you. Oh and yes…recipes (much to my dismay, but hell I want somebody to buy this thing.)
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