Creating Hope Through IT Education: “Changing Lives Through Education”

We are a team of young professionals that are highly motivated and driven to create a positive social impact in the world by harnessing the power of IT. As most of the things around us are mainly powered and created through innovation and technology, imagine the endless potential of IT and how it can be channeled to change the world and the lives of everyone.
Therefore we hope to educate the less advantaged individuals such as people with disabilities, elderly and the ex-convicts as well as the low income families with the relevant IT skill sets that they could utilise to change their lives for the better.

Most organisations require IT in this modern era even though it could be simple data entry or in any little aspects of the organisation processes. We could inculcate IT skills to the less advantaged individuals to allow them to contribute to these processes or even major roles such as a web developer and software developer in the future.

IT is a life skill and it will be able to bring about change with the relevant knowledge.

Importance Of Computer Literacy

Computer literacy has become an integral part of society today, with Singapore progressing fast as an innovation hub and maintaining her reputation as one of the rising Asian tigers. Unfortunately, in the race to acquire more riches through technology and specialised services, there are some who are unable to catch up with the change and hence, are left behind to fend for their own survival. Without basic computer skills, the disabled, the elderly and the ex-convicts who wish to search for better jobs and contribute to the society are deprived of the opportunity to do so.

What Is Tri-Niche Doing To Help & Our Solutions?

In Tri-Niche, we structure a series of lessons to these disadvantaged groups, which cover basic knowledge such as how to switch on a computer, to more advanced topics such as Microsoft Office functions. To ensure the effectiveness of the program, a deposit will be collected from the participants at the start of the lessons, which will be fully refunded upon passing and completing the course. With the certified skills, participants will have greater confidence in searching for more promising career opportunities and be self-sustainable to make ends meet.

Tri-Niche will also be reaching out to enterprises and organisations to employ individuals who graduated from our programs so as to place them back into the work force to contribute to the society meaningfully and gives them a sense of belonging andsatisfaction. We will also be hiring them internally if they are facing accessibilities concerns.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of This Program?

This program could greatly decrease the dementia rate in elderly as they are trained and encouraged to pursue and maintain an active lifestyle including catching up with technology to bond better with the younger generation such as their grandchildren.
At the same time, creating opportunities and hope in the lives of the disabled individuals as well as the ex-convicts, giving them a chance to contribute to the society.
Employers on the other hand, gets to benefit from cost effective labour, at the same time be eligible to receive subsidies for employment and modifications of the working environment to cater to the wellness of the employees who are disabled.

What Are We Looking At And Our Current Partners

We are looking at raising as much as possible to run the program smoothly with the proper resources for effective learning and job placements. We have already partnered with some of the welfare organisations such ABLE (Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations) & Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society on this program.

We believe IT possesses unlimited potential. By educating the less advantaged individuals with the relevant IT skills, we can help them find purpose, hope & joy in their life.


To find out more about us, please kindly visit http://www.tri-niche.com

We are representing a social enterprise established & incorporated in Singapore. We are running this campaign to raise funds for a cause that we strongly believe in, which is «Changing Lives Through Education».

Youtube: https://youtu.be/NuhzxXfQCyw
See Campaign: http://www.pozible.com/project/203244
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