Dana: Crooked City Cider – Oakland’s original cider, producing a variety of kick-ass craft ciders in Uptown Oakland



Personal Story

I grew up in Indiana and as a child was always looking for ways to earn money. It started at the age of six when I created a store in my basement to sell my old toys to friends! I soon realized that it was fun to be in charge and create experiences for friends and family. I expanded from there and started raising funds for local animal rescue non-profits, all the while developing my own endeavors to bring in more money to my piggy bank. I remember being interviewed a couple of times during those early years and hearing adults say, “She’s going to make a great business woman one day.” I’ve always believed I would and now is my time to prove it.

I grew up hearing stories of my great uncles who were big-time moonshiners. They had been arrested at some point and eventually went to prison. While most of the family thought this was a “crooked” history that should be left in the past, I believed that one day I would not only tell my great uncles’ story, but also open a booze related business to pay homage to them.

Drinking ciders a few years ago, I realized they were simply too sweet for me. I decided that I could make a cider that was not only delicious, but also dry with no added sugars- a “poundable, sessionable” cider that people could drink like a beer and not get sick of. Thus began the creation of Crooked City Cider.

I am currently producing the cider, selling the cider, distributing the cider and handling all other aspects of the business. I am fortunate enough to have friends who will jump in from time-to-time to lend a hand, but generally, it’s a one woman business and I’m excited to grow and eventually take on some staff!

Business Description

Crooked City Cider is Oakland’s original cider; producing a variety of kick-ass craft ciders, currently available at a few area restaurants and at our shared tasting room at 477 25th Street in Uptown Oakland.
Our hand crafted ciders are produced in small batches and contain no artificial flavorings, additives or sugar. Made with fresh, unfiltered apple juice, pressed locally in Northern California. We do not filter or pasteurize, providing true cider flavors and a beautiful pour.

If you’re looking for a sessionable cider that you can drink like a beer, you’ve found it!

1930’s Prohibition. The Bushouse brothers, John and Peter —desperate for booze in their neck of the woods— created a moonshine production and distribution operation for all of Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. They were wildly successful, and despite “beating the rap” a few times, their lucky eventually wore out and they were convicted and sent to prison. This crooked history was denied by the family for years, until Crooked City Cider’s founder (and great niece of John and Peter) did some research and unveiled the truth.

Fast forward to today, Crooked City Cider has decided to take that family knowledge to create a similarly successful booze line … legally!

Join us in this adventure as we move into uncharted territory producing a local craft cider that will not only blow your taste-buds out of the water, but also bring out the “crooked” in all of us.

What is the purpose of this loan?

My production is limited based on the small equipment and no access to refrigeration for cooperage, production and storage. This loan will be used to purchase a large refrigeration unit along with additional kegs. This unit and additional kegs will allow me to produce and sell a much higher quantity of cider.


About Crooked City Cider

Food production
Years in Operation:
1 year – 3 years

Crooked City Cider is Oakland’s original cider, made with fresh, unfiltered apple juice pressed in Northern CA. Our local craft cider delights taste buds & brings out the «crooked» in all of us!
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