DATASINE: Personalisation tools for financial institutions


DataSine’s modular software consists of a core module that takes the data from the financial institution and converts it into personality profiles using the ‘Big 5’ Psychometric framework. Other modules then take this information and apply it to different areas, such as marketing, compliance, risk tolerance/capacity assessment and operations.


DataSine’s algorithm supports various financial institutions with enhanced customer analysis and helps in the following ways: 1) Personalisation: institutions can match products and services to individual profiles; 2) Loyalty: companies can build customer engagement strategies that foster trust and strengthen brand loyalty, with appropriately targeted marketing; 3) Decrease costs: financial institutions can meet KYC, product-customer fit requirements, and underwriting regulations through better understanding of their client risk tolerance/capacity.


DataSine has three potential revenue models: 1)Licensing – it would charge institutions per number of clients analyzed by the software. As well, as a subscription fee based on the additional modules (risk analysis, marketing, product development) subscribed; 2)Lead generation – the software would generate a lead, tailor the language and track conversion rates. DataSine would take a percentage of each sale generated by the software;
3)Software as a service – it would work with clients to design and modulate the original software to suit their needs. DataSine would charge them for installation, maintenance and development.

DataSine harnesses transactional data to offer a new way to personalize banking services. Its proprietary platform analyses every transaction to create individual behavioral profiles. The profiles are used by financial institutions to personalize services for their clients, increase sales, create targeted marketing campaigns and reduce costs.
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