Divine Love Oracle Deck Connects To Your Intuition And Divine Power

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Connect to Your Intuition and Divine Power


Divine Love Oracle Deck helps you tap into your intuition and connect to your Divine Power. Now available on the Indiegogo Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/divine-love-oracle-deck/x/12118872


Let’s face it: we’re all busy these days, and taking time out to reconnect with we’re our inner knowing or Divine Power can seem like a guilty pleasure. One that you just don’t have time for. Instead of putting it off, get your Divine Love Oracle Deck and start connecting today.


All Indiegogo Campaign supporters at the Angel Sponsor level or above will receive a deck, a full-color downloadable guide with tips on using your deck, special behind-the-scenes interviews with deck artists, a unique Angel Pin, and a special invitation to a class to learn how to read your deck, connect with your intuition, and even have a chance to win a free reading. Supporters must purchase their deck by Octoboer 31, 2015 to qualify.


The Divine Love Oracle Deck is one of the most important decks of our time. Lovingly created by 40 individual artists, this deck has the power to remind you of who you truly are. Get your deck today.


“You are a Powerful Creator. You are Divine Love.” – Amethyst Mahoney


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Amethyst Mahoney is dedicated to helping people connect with what they are truly passionate about and create a life and business doing what they love. To learn more visit www.AmethystMahoney.com or call 402-452-8067.

 Spirit Card contributed by Brianna Hall

 Power Card contributed by Venus Aviv

 Adventure Card contributed by David Rosenhaus

Come see all 40 of the amazing and powerful Divine Love Oracle Deck Cards! http://bit.ly/divineoracle



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