Do Your Pants Have PHOTON ENERGY And ALPHA WAVES Magne Pants DO!


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Discovered over 300 years ago in India Touramaline is a naturally occuring stone which produces an electrical charge.


Health benefits abound the claims are astounding, improve intellect, increase blood flow, improve sexual prowess, better sleep, more energy, more children, be healthier , luckier and wealthier. Whether is just the placebo effect who knows but over 300 years of stories, rumours and several scientific tests all say their is something sometimes in life which we cannot touch cannot understand but its there and it works.

We believe 300 year old Indians should not be the only people who benefit from Touramaline so to me it seemed logical to create Magne Pants thus allowing modern man to reap the rewards available from these awesome pants.

The lifetime of the effects of these Magne Pants is forever so we recommed use liberally but be prepared to pass them onto your children so they can also receive the full benefits of these Magne Pants.

The real story is it started as a bit of fun but I needed a project to do and it made me laugh and now after 4 or 5 weeks its serious business. Magne Pants can perform and sell as a novelty asa a health booster as sexy looking antibacterial pants that are soft and good to look at and feel great to wear.

The man in front will be wearing Magne Pants people will buy Magne Pants for their loved ones to see if the fertility ruour is true, to improve their afflictions as a placebo for all ills.

Magne Pants are a crutch for your crotch a pole for your vault. Touramaline is believed to prolong life, strenghten bones and numerous other positive effects.

please visit www.magnepants.com for more product information.


As Henry Ford said you can have any colour as long as its black as funds are made available the range of colours will be expanded.

With a launch on crowd funding site Kickstarter its a different innovative and humorous product which just could improve or increaseyour life expectancy. You cant really afford not to have a pair or two after all everyone likes to hedge their bets.



Youtube: https://youtu.be/OovxBni2vSA
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1992835612/magne-pants-with-photon-energy-and-alpha-waves-as
Contact Information:
jeff harris mon to fri uk office hours
+441642 941311

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