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“Dripo” is a 3-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker brings a fresh and easier way for you to make and enjoy your own cold brew coffee anywhere.

About this project

Hi Kickstarter,

We love iced-drip coffee and cold-brew coffee as you do. “Dripo” took us almost an year to develop. “Dripo” is an 3-in-1 travel iced-drip coffee maker and tumbler, we hope you will love it.

Dripo - Iced-drip coffee maker.
Dripo – Iced-drip coffee maker.

When we were designing “Dripo”, the first thing came to our mind is to make it personable by improving its mobility. “Dripo” is a 3-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker that can also used as a cold-brew coffee maker or tumbler. It has a compact size, 75% smaller compare to traditional dutch iced-drip coffee maker, simple design and is easy to use.

Dripo - 3-in-1 Iced-drip coffee maker and tumbler.
Dripo – 3-in-1 Iced-drip coffee maker and tumbler.

is super easy to use, all you have to do is to insert 1.5 oz. ground coffee powder and add 12 oz. iced water into it and wait. “Dripo” brings a fresh and easier way for you to make your own cold-brew coffee anywhere.

All parts of Dripo.
All parts of Dripo.

All parts of “Dripo” are assembled together allowing you to move around or carry it out. More importantly, you can quickly convert “Dripo” into a coffee tumbler, so you can enjoy your coffee on the go.

Assemble Dripo.
Assemble Dripo.
Convert Dripo into tumbler.
Convert Dripo into tumbler.

Iced-drip coffee is a healthy way to not only enjoy coffee, but also making coffee tastes better, “Dripo” extracts coffee with cold water dripping, at an average speed of 45 drops per minute. Comparing to brewing coffee with hot water, the coffee would taste sweeter due to its lower acidity, and less caffeine. As a result, iced-drip coffee is something healthier for your body, and tastes whole lot smoother and richer than hot brewed coffee. That’s why the popularity of cold brew has climbed in insane speed during the past couple years.

Making iced-drip coffee with Dripo.
Making iced-drip coffee with Dripo.

“Dripo” carefully selected our partner manufacturer and material as well. Our manufacturer had experiences on making coffee tumbler for decades. And most importantly, all materials that going to use on “Dripo” are “BPA Free” and meet all “FDA Standards” as well.      :)

Dripo are BPA Free and meet FDA standards.
Dripo are BPA Free and meet FDA standards.

“Dripo” were developed by a group of designers and coffee fans for months. Starting from its concept, design and prototype, countless hours and coffee beans have been invested. We proudly present to you our design, “Dripo”. Kickstarters, we hope you will like it, and we will need your help to make it into manufacturing.

 Thanks for your supports.

U.S. Patent Pending.

Risks and challenges

When we are sourcing for the potential manufacturer, we are looking for factory who are profession to make food-ware. We’ve found a factory that have decades experience on making coffee tumbler and other food-ware. However their production line are used to occupied with top-of-the-line brands, so we have to work close and convince them to pay more attention to “Dripo” to ensure the deliver date on time.

“Dripo” is a 3-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker brings a fresh and easier way for you to make and enjoy your own cold brew coffee anywhere.
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/emergelab/dripo-3-in-1-travel-iced-drip-coffee-maker-and-tum?ref=home_popular
Contact Information:
Emerge Lab.

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