Elephant Coffee Importers, LLC: to provide High Quality coffee world-wide and sustain farmers at origin

Elephant Coffee Importers, LLC

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We are Elephant Coffee Importers, based in Denver, CO, a private and family owned company. We are importers of Full Container Loads, of Green (Unroasted) Coffee beans from Kenya and Ethiopia, for wholesale to local and national coffee shops and roasters. 

One 20ft container, holds 320 Bags of coffee for a total weight of 42,240 lbs. net per container. Once coffee lands in a consuming country, the latter is stored and warehoused in internationally licensed, bonded and climate controlled green coffee warehousing. From there, we sell and distribute the coffees to customers nationwide.Green Coffee bags stuffed into 20 Ft Container

Container being loaded from inland container terminal

Green Coffee bags in Climate controlled warehousing/storage

Our products are classified within a niche market segment of the coffee industry, known as Specialty Coffees. The retail value of the U.S. coffee market is estimated at $40-50 billion dollars, with Specialty Coffee comprising approximately a 37% volume share but nearly 50% value share. 

Coffee is a seasonal produce, grown in producing countries of the world near the equator, in between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. World producing countries in the Northern and Southern hemisphere have different times for harvesting. Kenya and Ethiopia are in the northern hemisphere, whereby harvesting takes place from October through March of each year.  Within this period of time, coffee beans are usually dense, well-nourished, and bold in size. As such, this is the best time to source coffee, and the demand for these coffees is high in consuming worlds.

We are looking to raise additional funding to supplement our own, in order to purchase and import a Full Container Load of coffee from countries of origin, and bolster inventory for sale to existing and new customers during the fall/winter season. One container can cost in between $100-$120K, depending on the quality, and we are seeking $40K from the KickFurther community to subsidize the full cost of purchasing. 

The process: 

Sampling and Purchasing takes approximately 1-2 weeks. 

Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding takes approximately 45 days. 

Sales and Distribution, takes approximately 90 days, often shorter with high demand of our products. 


About Elephant Coffee Importers, LLC

Elephant Coffee Importers was established in 2012, with the goal and mission to provide High Quality coffee world-wide and sustain farmers at origin. We are Certified Coffee Experts, that source and provide High Quality products, that attract many potential customers and create quick turnover. We are firmly dedicated to continually make perfect quality coffee our highest priority. Our coffees are sold to prominent coffees shops, and coffee roasters nationwide. 

We source and sell High Quality, Raw (Unroasted) Green Coffee beans, from Kenya and Ethiopia. The coffees from these two countries of origin have been ranked by world coffee experts as some of the top quality coffees in the world.

Raw (Unroasted) Green Arabica Coffee

Our coffee is sourced directly from farmers in Kenya and Ethiopia.

High Quality coffee features; Fully developed, medium – bold in size and formations, high density and very solid beans, with zero defects.  

Some of our coffees have been presented to the national Coffee Review for competition amongst roasters and consistently score high marks. 

Elephant Coffee Importers was established in 2012, with the goal and mission to provide High Quality coffee world-wide and sustain farmers at origin. We are Certified Coffee Experts, that source and provide High Quality products, that attract many potential customers and create quick turnover.
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