Facing1 – Most effective app to build strong relationships within a modern company

It’s finally here, employers: the app that will put your company in the palm of every employee’s hand.

Our Android and iPhone apps bridge the employer-employee gap and create engaged and informed teams. Cohesive work experiences such as this have been proven to increase revenue, innovation, and competitive advantage while lowering turnover (Gallup, McKinsey, Bain).

With a white-label and highly configurable design, Facing1 will give you the look and feel of an in-house designed app in a matter of a few days. It will be as if your employees’ new favorite app was built by the company for the company.

Workplace communication is a common pain point for any company, and one you’ve probably experienced firsthand. Led by a founder who previously started and sold two digital marketing and technology companies, Facing1 is the intra-company communication app we’ve all been waiting for.


This change has created a myriad of frustrating communication problems. Working with different time zones is hard enough, but how can you keep people in the loop about new developments, the tone and vibe during a recent meeting, or even just someone who may have stopped by the office? What if your employees work in the field, in retail, in transportation, healthcare, security, and other environments where offices may not even exist?

The infinite number of daily occurances that happen in an office bind people together — employers and employees alike. Without a shared location, it’s hard to create those meaningful relationships that can propel a company to greatness. In other words, happy people create great things; but in today’s modern workplace, creating happy and engaged employees is a handful.

Intranets, annual events, and virtual meetings all work in small doses, but none are sticky enough to keep employees engaged over the long run. Even worse, many business communication tools are only available with an internet connection or a PC. The result is a workforce that is largely indifferent to company they work for, having a tremendously negative impact on overall productivity.

Leveraging the mobile tech that we all know and love, Facing1 is the most effective medium today to put your company’s brand, objectives, strategies, people, and resources in the palm of every employee’s hand. While there are hundreds of solutions trying to connect people to each other, none connect employees to their company and its brand in a manner that creates alignment, engagement, and strong relationships the way Facing1 does.

How do we do this? By turning our white-label base into a fully customized mobile platform that is highly specific to each company and each employee’s needs.

Engagement has become the holy grail within large companies, and especially with highly dispersed staff. Facing1 is an ideal way for the company to stay connected to their peopel, no matter where they are. 


Facing1 provides proven and unparalleled solutions for individual employees, teams, and managers within a company.

People Tab

  • Company directory — get to know your coworkers, see contact info, links to social accounts.

       • Tag teams — sales, management, marketing,             etc.

       • Tag skills — what are you good at? Analytics,             PPT, etc.

       • Tag personal interests/hobbies. — Let the                 human out, learn about your co- workers.

  • Q&A — admin can put in questions for someone to answer e.g. what are your goals for the year?
  • Messaging, direct communication with coworkers.

Team Tab

  • Form 3 different kind of teams:

      • private

      • request groups (moderator approved)

      • public

  • See all the teams you belong to — may be professional or personal based off your tags in the people tab.
  • Message within your teams.
  • Push content out to team members.
  • Q&As, quizzes, surveys/thoughts: “How many people are strong at analytics?” Tap into team’s expertise, personal interests, etc.
  • All show up as a push notifications.

Company Tab

  • Company can push content out — text, visions, new updates, etc.
  • Interactive pages set up, can chime in, ask questions, etc.

Bottom line: Facing1, makes you feel like youbelong to something. This isn’t about increasing productivity, but building relationships and your internal brand


The Facing1 platform went into early beta trials in the spring of 2015 with a few customers. We are now releasing a “Gold Beta” in October and November using the feedback gathered in the spring. The commercial release is scheduled for January of 2016.

The Gold Beta will have between 10-15 revenue-generating customers and as many as 10,000-20,000 users. 

Here are our early revenue customers participating in our Gold Beta. 

Kuehne Nagel (85,000-person freight forwarding company) — This company has committed to a pilot within their North American sales team. We have presented to four senior marketing & sales managers, all of whom have endorsed the product. Our next step is for the customer to identify the first team to use Facing1. 

Cypress Private Security (1,500-person security management firm) — This customer is ready to go. We are deploying their solution mid-November. The CEO has strongly endorsed the platform. 

H&L Partners (200-person advertising agency) — This customer has five offices around the country that need to work better together on such clients as Toyota and McDonalds. They are launching on Facing1 mid-November. 

MRSI (in-home healthcare) – This company launched in early November to build connections between respite care givers and family members caring for a loved one. Customer is launching in California and then extending to national and international scope. 

ASCLS (8000-member association of laboratory technicians) – This organization is scheduled to launch mid-November to connect these highly dispersed workers to their most important association. 

Here are companies that have expressed strong interest and we are currently in meetings.

Toyota – We are in discussions with the Northern California Toyota Dealers Association as well as Toyota Corporate representatives. The opportunity is to deliver Facing1 for the Association as well as to individual dealerships who struggle with aligning and engaging their service, sales, parts, and other staff. Most of these dealers also own dealerships for other automotive brands as well, including BMW, Chrysler, Acura, Ford, Mazda, and more.

Neustar (1,500-person global marketing analytics firm) — We have presented to the global CIO who has endorsed the platform. We are now proceeding with presenting to the global CMO.

Glacier Water (manages 23,000 water dispensing kiosks) – We have met with the CIO who has endorsed the product. He is now scheduling a presentation to the COO. 

Kodak – We have presented to the global head of HR, the global CMO, and the head of communications. All three have endorsed the platform. Our next step is to confirm a pilot once we present to the broader communications team.

Macy’s & McDonald’s — we are getting introductions to both companies as a result of referrals from new customers.

Our platform is also well suited for professional associations, which we use as a sales lead channel. For example, the Alliance of CEOs has 350 CEO members in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are launching to all members with our Gold Beta.

People Love Us


“Facing1 speaks to the heart of what we are trying to accomplish at Cypress Private Security – to motivate our employees through stronger engagement with the company and their co-workers – it is key to our ability to deliver superior service to our customers.”

– Kes Narbutas, CEO of Cypress Private Security

“Facing1 makes if feel like you belong to something, like you are a member of your organization. This is very different from using yet another third-party technology tool to get a daily task done.”

– Andrea Alfano, Chief Operating Officer/Partner of H&L Partners

“Facing1 is an innovative way for aligning and engaging our staff as we continue to grow. Our way of doing business is now in everyone’s hands.”

Bill Bourdon, Partner & General Manager of Bateman Group

“Facing1 connects the multitude of teams and work environments in retail in a cohesive, productive way.”

William Jones, Enterprise Mobility Specialist at ASDA (Walmart of Europe)

“Facing1 solves a critical problem in homecare – helping caregivers improve the quality of their care – and their quality of life. With Facing 1 technology, we are empowering in-home caregivers through our global online community 24/7/365!”

Jim Gledhill, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Mission Resource Solutions

“Connecting our members to build great relationships is at the heart of our organization. We’re excited to be a beta customer of Facing1.”

Paul Witkay, Founder & CEO of Alliance of CEOs


Chris Peterson, Founder & CEO
Chris previously founded two digital marketing and technology companies, both of which were acquired. During this time, he worked with customers like Google, Microsoft, Sprint, HP, Whirlpool, eBay, Humana, Adobe, IBM, and other very large companies. He managed local, national and global teams, was responsible for private and public company P&L’s, and lead strategic business development efforts. His success is directly attributable to his ability to identify emerging technologies and trends and capitalize on their growth.

He knows from firsthand experience that aligning and engaging far-flung staff can often feel like herding cats. He realized mobile was the answer as the most influential medium today, so he founded Facing1. He is out to realize a personal vision where companies build far stronger relationships with people, which delivers incredible value to companies as well as far greater personal satisfaction for the workforce.

Dylan Rodrigues, CTO
Dylan has a technology management career spanning almost 30 years with such organizations as IBM, Chase, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. She has remained at the forefront of technology development, including managing significant enterprise mobile applications for the past six years. She has managed mobile and online banking product development for First Republic Bank where she won the Innovation to Action award. She served as the VP of Mobile Platform for US Bank where she launched their first mobile platform. She served as VP/Mobile User Experience at Chase and provided strategic technology consulting for Fortune 500 companies at PricewaterhouseCoopers. At IBM Global Services, she delivered portfolio management and consulting services for web and voice solutions.

Gagan Madan, Advisor
Gagan has 23 years of global experience in business, go to market strategy, enterprise software, and IT transformation. He was previously a Partner for Accenture advising on business and IT strategy for communications, high tech, and software companies. After leaving Accenture, Gagan became CEO of Verifaya, a mobile software test automation company.

Kevin Wheeler, Advisor
Kevin is Chairman of the Future of Talent Institute, an organization focused on talent acquisition and retention trends around the world. He was previously Senior Vice President for Staffing and Workforce Development at the Charles Schwab Corporation and held several senior human resources roles at National Semiconductor Corporation.

Jennifer Hopp, Advisor
Jennifer is Founder & CEO of WeMakeItSafer.com as well as a venture partner at Outsell. She advises many startups on strategy, growth, and funding.

Virginia Klausmeier, Advisor
Virginia is Founder & CEO of Sylvatex, a fuel technology startup in San Francisco. She was recently selected as one of the “Top 10 Women in Biofuels” and was selected by Forbes for “30 under 30 in Energy.”

Our Android and iPhone apps bridge the employer-employee gap and create engaged and informed teams. Cohesive work experiences such as this have been proven to increase revenue, innovation, and competitive advantage while lowering turnover (Gallup, McKinsey, Bain).
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/facing1
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Chris Peterson
Dylan Rodrigues
Gagan Madan
Kevin Wheeler
Jennifer Hopp
Virginia Klausmeier

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