FanSets – Exceptional collectibles for fans of Sci-fi, Comics and Movies!

FanSets produces limited edition collectibles for some of the world’s most renowned science fiction and entertainment brands: Star Trek, DC Comics and Harry potter with more licenses in the near future!


With limited edition pins, a huge variety of must-have memorabilia and—our pièce de résistance—an incredible new augmented reality technology, FanSets will soon be the most recognized name in sci-fi memorabilia.


Sci-fi and fantasy have exploded, and followers have created a world unto itself. And those followers are not easily satisfied- they require only the best in memorabilia. We know, because we’re part of that following ourselves.

Which is why we’ve created FanSets, the ultimate collector’s line.


FanSets produces nothing less than the highest quality collectibles. Each piece must be unique and of exceptional creative design. FanSets will stand out from the crowd, and will be offered in both limited and unlimited sets.

The core of the FanSets offering is pins, which will each be of a unique set type. FanSets has patent pending status on our more unique concepts and will pursue further intellectual property protection as we move forward to protect our unique collectible concepts.

MicroMagic, MicroTrek and MicroJustice pins will be similar to action figures. They’ll be numbered in consecutive order, and even when hundreds of pins are produced, pin number one will still be available for a lucky collector to purchase.

The AlphaSet will feature 26 pins, each corresponding with a letter of the alphabet, and will feature a character or item from the Star Wars Universe. Because AlphaSet will also be unlimited, fans will be able to collect sets to spell their own names or even use the pins in marketing programs.


Limited pins will be made specifically for fans and attendees of comic book and science fiction conventions. They’ll be oversized and represent a specific character, with two-thirds of the pin left blank for actor signatures. Some of these pins will be available for sale on the FanSets website, complete with autographs.


F/X pins are an entirely new (and just massively cool) way to experience fan memorabilia. F/X pins will each be associated with a particular 3-D image that can be viewed through a special smartphone and tablet app.

When particular pins are collected together, the app recreates a scene from the corresponding movie,TV show or print media in glorious 3-D. Imagine collecting individual pins from the Harry Potter pin collection, downloading the app, and seeing a Quidditch match being recreated in 3-D on the screen!

F/X pins have to be seen to be believed.  

We have big, big plans for F/X pins. Let’s say a collector collects the appropriate pins to recreate a space battle from Star Trek. The app would then feature the light and sound effects, including theme music with accompanying battle sounds. The music would begin to play as a moveable portion of the pin is activated.

Yeah. This is gonna be huge.


FanSets is in the prototype stage, with a handful of completed prototypes having been used to negotiate with licensors. We’re working doggedly on the augmented reality prototypes, and we’re designing more all the time.

We’ve opened talks with some of the biggest names in entertainment.

We have agreements with CBS/Paramount and Warner Bros. and are in various stages of conversation with Disney, Doctor Who/BBC, The Walking Dead and others. Our connections in this world are deep, and we’re using them to our full advantage.


Lew founded and operates the one of the oldest video game stores in the country.  He has 28 years of experience running his own successful retail business. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in video games: Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. He was the 1992 Small Businessman of the year in Aurora, Colorado.

Dan has a lifelong association with the properties we are licensing.  He currently works for “Her Universe” as head of marketing and PR and deals with the licensed properties and the people associated with them (including the fans) on a daily basis. Dan even had a short cameo at the end of Star Wars Episode I –The Phantom Menace.

John served as Director of Operations for two companies and has managed companies in web design, retail and software development.  He’s completed detailed research projects working with the Attorney Generals in multiple states as well as preparing the financials for a company that secured $5 million dollars in Venture Capital funding.

FanSets produces limited edition collectibles for some of the world’s most renowned science fiction and entertainment brands: Star Trek, DC Comics and Harry potter with more licenses in the near future!
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