Filbert’s grand mixer appeal!: Keep our Bakery baking!

Hello all!

Filbert’s bakery is a family owned bakery located in Lancaster city centre (UK).  We bake delicious fresh bread every morning along with breakfast goods, cakes and savouries.  We use organic flour and all our ingredients are as ethical, fair trade and as local as possible.
We opened shop nearly 3 years ago and have been steadily growing with the amazing support of the local community.  As a consequence our loyal and trustworthy Hobart mixer has been outgrown.  It struggles valiantly on but has broken 3 times in the last 9 months, which costs around £250 and a day or two of no baking each time.  
With a suitable amount of irony it finally gave up the ghost just as we were preparing for our Massive Christmas Eve bake (easily the largest bake we do every year).  The amazing Atkinsons stepped in to help with a spare mixer so we could fulfil our orders, and since then one of our wonderful customers is trying to fix it so we can hobble along.  This is only a short term solution as the reason it keeps breaking is that we are using it beyond it’s design parameters.  
What we need:
This means we need to buy a new, bigger, better mixer.  Which is where you come in.  A number of people suggested that we try to crowdfund the mixer – it’s an expensive bit of kit and while we do have a small amount of cash we can put towards a purchase we’d be forced into getting a cheaper version which may need replacing or repairing relatively soon.  With your help we could get a proper piece of kit and have the ability to continue growing without the worry and cost.
We’re not shooting for the moon – a good quality 2nd hand mixer will set us back around £1700 (new they’re about £8k) so any contributions towards that will be very gratefully received.  If we don’t make the total we’ll chuck in what we can and get the best piece of kit for the available funds.  If we go over the total we’ll use the rest to upgrade other vulnerable/archaic items to future proof us as much as possible.
We can’t offer ‘perks’ as such as we operate at the lowest margin we can to make our products as affordable to all as possible, so any contribution made would be a donation (one for which we would be endlessly grateful!).
We have over 900 friends on our facebook account, so if everyone donated £1 we’d be well on our way to getting a great new mixer.  If you can’t spare some change we completely understand – but don’t worry!  You can still help!  Please share our campaign to your friends and family or let people know.  We are also collecting in the shop.
Thank you all!
Fil & the team

Our loyal and trustworthy Hobart mixer struggles valiantly on but has broken 3 times in the last 9 months, which costs around £250 and a day or two of no baking each time. It finally gave up the ghost just as we were preparing for our Massive Christmas Eve bake. We need to buy a new, bigger, better mixer. Which is where you come in.
See Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/filbert-s-grand-mixer-appeal#/
Contact Information:
Joe Duirwyn

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