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TekBrix IT Pvt Ltd is established by (me) Rajesham Kasarapu and Srivani Kasarapu on 11th March of 2015, we both are the directors and partners in the company. We have 20 employees in our team, who are well experienced in web and mobile development.

I myself was a freelance web developer, worked on many projects individually and have 40 clients around the world. But i had no satisfaction with my work, wanted to become an entrepreneur.

After a lot of research on handymen services wanted to develop a solution, then i started FindWorker as a website in 2011, but at that time there was no awareness to workers and they don’t know how to browse websites or emails, then I stopped my project and when the time has come (nowadays most of the people have awareness mobile apps and depended on mobile internet) we started again development of FindWorker




Nowadays everything changed. Technology improved a lot and it brought many easier ways into our lives, now we are all habituated to easy lifestyle and want things happen just at fingertips. Even though we found and built many solutions but still there are some major issues left.

In example finding a skilled professional worker or technician (handyman) is not that much easy, it takes a lot of time, we have to wait for worker’s response, no standardized pricing (they charge a lot) and other side security is the most most important concern.

Also there is no such platform which helps workers to promote themselves, get work and make money.


TekBrix IT Pvt Ltd focused on handyman services, developed FindWorker, its a mobile application which provides a simple solution to find “available, skilled, reliable and verified professionals” on the go!

FindWorker helps work-providers to find and hire nearby handyman (whoever it is, it might be a
driver, cleaner, plumber or mechanic) across the India and all of our workers are well experienced,qualified, reliable, skilled professionals.

Conclusion: Need a worker? simple download our app, find nearby people, chose best one with their previous feedback and hire them, just within 5 minutes worker will respond. We will take care about rest of the things.

Security: We cross-check about our workers and verify them with their valid id and address proofs.


Just only in India 17.3 crore people have smart-phones and the market is growing seamlessly. Nowadays everyone depends on mobile internet and apps, because its a simple and secure option.

India has largest man-power and approx. 60% of people are with various professions (like electrician, cleaner, plumber, mechanic, carpenter, driver etc.) and they are well experienced and qualified professional workers and technicians, but till now there is no uber-ized system, which helps workers to promote themselves, get hired and make money in this market.


Till now there are approx. 100 man-power agencies built their apps and playing a good role. But all of them running by man-power agencies and limited to few services or few cities only.

But still there are lot of professionals (who are well experienced with their great expertise) are outside and most of them struggling daily for common needs and even getting bread and butter is also very hard to them. If we would provide a good solution them to get work and make money, they all would come to work under one (our) roof.

Why Us?

As this market is in early stage and seamlessly growing, we are focusing on what industry missing exactly and how we serve with our most innovative and advanced features and we would like to take an advantage to acquire maximum market share.

We mainly focused on three major issues.

  1. Availability
  2. Reliability
  3. Security

Our solution is very simple (even a non-technical person can use it hassle-free) and at the same time innovative, user experience is the main key in every business’s success.

i.e Time is more precious than money and nowadays no one want to wait for someone’s response. So no one, especially work-providers never wait for the worker’s response and they must want to know whom they are hiring for the work. In our platform work-providers can chose who are available at that time and hire well experienced (reviews help) people to not waste their valuable time and money.


FindWorker is a marketplace, which is a simple and secure platform to communicate each others (workers and providers) and it helps to hire nearby(local) skilled professional just in few minutes.

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