Fitraa Academy – Playful, Caring, Inspired Kids: An opportunity to invest in Muslim children by providing an accessible and affordable e-Academy that is fun, interactive and easy to use!

Fitraa Academy – Playful, Caring, Inspired Kids

Lets Build America’s First Online Islamic Early Learning Academy!

We need your help to make Fitraa Academy a reality. Your contribution will cover the cost of developing our curriculum into an ONLINE INTERACTIVE WEBSITE.

Fitraa Academy allows students ages 3-8 to enroll online and complete activities, games and tests from home or on the go. Each student will have the option of utilizing a structured homeschooling curriculum or a more liberal approach depending on their need.


Meet the Founders: 
Clive Hadi Grant & Adeola Haleema Little

Prior to starting Fitraa Academy, they were homeschooling their two young children and struggled to find online education resources that combined engaging activities with learning that met their children’s intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs. The couple sought a way to create a powerful and unique synergy of Islamic and worldly sciences. This sparked an idea for them, and thus was born Fitraa Academy.

A Proven Blend: Interactive Games, Story-Telling, & Positive Reinforcement

Fitraa Academy is tailored towards young learners and is designed to meet their needs of learning through play, story-telliing, and positive reinforcement. The academy will feature innovative games, storytelling and instruction by actual people, memory building activities, and more. Depending on your child’s age and/or level of knowledge the program will tailor the activities to fit their needs.

Enrolling a child in Fitraa Academy will give them space to fall in love with learning. Imagine your child’s excitment at learning about the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from interactive stories and videos, or their fascination with the creation of Allah as they learn life-science through captivating and enjoyable games! 

Fitraa Academy’s Fun Features! 

➫ Stories with imaginative illustrations

➫ Instructional videos taught by friendly teachers

➫ Interactive “app” games

➫ Puzzles

➫ English and Arabic songs

➫ Assessments

➫ Printable worksheets, coloring pages and maps

➫ plus more…


Educational programs found on Fitraa Academy include the sciences of:

Throughout their studies, the child’s progress will be carefully charted and upon proper completion of each level, the child will earn a special badge and move to the next level. 

What our Supporters Think…

Our long-term vision:

  • Fitraa Academy hopes to be present in schools, libraries, and homes worldwide. This will give Muslim children an Islamic alternative to fun learning technology amongst their peers and families. 
  • Fitraa Academy hopes to expand its curriculum beyond early learners to include older elementary school students, middle school students, and possibly high school students. This will be great for parents who want to give their children extra academic enrichment and for parents who choose to completely homeschool their children.


Fitraa Academy allows students ages 3-8 to enroll online and complete activities, games and tests from home or on the go. Each student will have the option of utilizing a structured homeschooling curriculum or a more liberal approach depending on their need.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFsLqe6a2gA
See Campaign: https://www.launchgood.com/project/fitraa_academy__help_create_americas_first_online_islamic_early_learning_academy
Contact Information:
Clive Hadi Grant

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