Food Book Fair launched in 2012 as the first event of its kind: part festival, part conference, set at the intersection of food culture and food systems.

Dubbed the “Coachella of writing about eating,” “a voracious reader’s dream,” and, simply, “food geek heaven,” our event remains ceaselessly inspired by food media — books, of course, but also print and online magazines, television, film and radio.

For four years and counting, we’ve been producing dynamic programming that includes panel discussions, a pop-up food bookstore, a festival-within-the-fair all about indie food magazines, cooking demos, conceptual literary dinners, film screenings and much more.


We want to keep this thing going — and we want to do more.

Food Book Fair began as the thesis-project-that-could of founder Elizabeth Thacker Jones, while she was a graduate student in New York University’s Food Studies program. Now Team Food Book Fair is two of us — Kimberly Chou and Amanda Dell — and with your support, we can produce the fifth annual Food Book Fair, May 1st-2nd, 2016, and look toward turning this into a more sustainable event and business.


This Kickstarter will enable us to get Food Book Fair off the ground for 2016. By backing us, you’ll make it possible to:

RETURN TO THE WYTHE HOTEL — we were the first event at the Wythe the first weekend it opened, and we’ve hosted Food Book Fair there every year since.

MOVE FOODIEODICALS — our indie food magazine festival-within-the-fair — to a larger location, one that allows us to welcome more attendees as well as more participating magazines.

INVITE MORE SPEAKERS AND PRESENTERS from outside the New York area, and help defray travel costs.

LOWER TICKET COSTS and offer scholarship options for students and people who otherwise can’t afford to attend.

IMPROVE COMPENSATION for our amazing, agile team of event producers, all wearing many hats at once. This campaign will help us adequately compensate everyone with funds upfront, rather than afterwards, as many events are run.

FEED YOU MORE delicious food and drink at our events. Last year we served breakfast, lunch, snacks and cocktails three days straight, not to mention beverages of all kinds, all day. Let’s top that!

COME TOGETHER — People who take part in Food Book Fair tell us what moves them most is that our festival brings together people having many different conversations, from many different places under one roof. Join us in gathering this community of readers, writers, eaters, drinkers, farmers, chefs, activists, artists, scientists, and food lovers together for this event unlike any other, for the fifth annual year.


We’ve got big plans of where to take this thing. Should we make our goal and then some, we will:

TAKE IT ON THE ROAD — We’ve long flirted with taking Food Book Fair to other cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago. After four-plus years of building connections, with additional money pledged going into a coast-to-coast event fund, we can actively pursue those dreams of branching out.

Risks and challenges

We want to host the best event possible with all the bells and whistles our resources can provide. Those resources have become harder to come by, and hosting this event in one of the most expensive cities in the world provides an additional challenge.

However, we’ve run a scrappy, indie-minded event with a lean, mean production team and hurdled unexpected obstacles before — and we’re determined to make Food Book Fair 2016 happen in some way, shape and form, no matter what.

Food Book Fair launched in 2012 as the first event of its kind: part festival, part conference, set at the intersection of food culture and food systems.
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