Futrena Technology Inc: an online marketplace for innovative, pioneering, and modern design products from all over the world and from innovators big and small

Futrena Technology Inc

  • Access to factories in China The founder and several other key members of the company have familial or very close personal connections with factor owners and the factory business in China.
  • Personal networks/team The personal networks of key members of the team extend further than just the factories.
  • International placement Futrena has teams in three countries: Canada, the US, and China. The company is already sourcing products from all three locations, in addition to Korea (through a business connection made during the company’s lifetime), and is looking to Japan and the UK as well.
  • Niche Futrena will focus all its attention on innovative and pioneering products, hiring new employees based on their knowledge of this area, and directing the business’s resources in ways that only deepen the company’s occupation of this niche.
  • The “all-in-one” nature of our services – Eventually, the company will provide an all-in-one pipeline to the market for inventors, designers, and startups: manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, and customer support.

Futrena’s main product will be the Futrena.com website (and its accompanying mobile app), which will be used to sell innovative or modern design products to our online customers. Product lines to be featured include personal electronics, smart appliances, outdoor gear, and lifestyle and fashion accessories. Futrena will earn revenue mainly by taking a negotiated cut of all sales.


Futrena is an online marketplace for innovative, pioneering, and modern design products from all over the world and from innovators big and small. We source products from startups, inventors, and other innovators all over the world, and present a unique selection of products to customers unlike anything else they have ever seen.
See Campaign: http://www.theocmx.com/project/futrena-technology-incorporated/
Contact Information:
Xu Chen (Benjamin) Ding
Ted Lee
Victor Dai

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