GARDEN COMPASS: worlds leading gardening app

Garden Compass, originally founded in America, has been in business for 25 years in evolving forms of media. It has recently joined with PlantSnapp, the award–winning UK app that identifies plants and automatically produces a detailed care calendar & recommendations on how to grow them better. Jointly, they have 90,000 customers, 300,000 plant pictures submitted and 50 experts globally.



    Garden Compass is an App with live horticulturalists who expertly identify plants and pests. As the user adds a plant to the “my digital garden” section, their location is known & they will automatically be given detailed care instructions and suitable products to ensure the garden grows better than ever before. The information collected on the contents of peoples gardens is extremely data rich and enables a comprehensive understanding of the users gardens’ wants and needs. This level of detailed horticultural information has never before been collected. The app is backed up by a detailed website with articles featuring seasonal content written by its global network of experts.


    Easy access to horticultural knowledge is a difficult area and now, for the first time, there is an App that will completely take care of all horticultural needs. All communication is with seasoned experts as opposed to machine-learned answers. Gardening is now on a smartphone “in your hand & in your pocket.” It has joined the ranks of taxis, pizza, music, films, dating & property. The app has been getting 5* ratings on the App Store with high levels of consumer engagement & sharing.


    The first few pictures on the App are free, then the user is quickly guided to a subscription service whereby they can have unlimited usage and extra detailed care information to make their garden grow smarter. In addition, manufacturers are paying for product advertising to this very detailed, specific and data rich user base. $100k has been contracted already.


    Trade sale or acquisition by private equity


The worlds leading gardening app providing plant/pest identification and digital garden care.
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