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Young people need intelligent, responsive access to careers information and opportunities, and to realistically match their talents and aspirations to the demands of the working world.

There’s a lot of careers information and advice out there, but scattered over a great many websites. It is hard to find the bits that are best, up to date and relevant, and to know who to talk to and what to do next.

We are a collaborative social enterprise, setting out to connect careers information, and to make it accessible.

A comprehensive, easily navigable network of careers information makes things possible that were difficult before. We want to give careers seekers insight into what it’s really like working for companies, getting under their skin and seeing how careers fit together. At the same time this should open the doors for employers to find new talent, increase the diversity of their workforce and raise their innovation game. Even for an ethical social enterprise, it offers substantial revenue potential.

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GCG Aviator gathers, evaluates and shares careers information. It connects data using innovative technology, in a way that is easy and fun to navigate. It is, and will remain, free to use. ‘Career Explorers’ work with us to discover, review, and amend careers information as they research and develop their own careers. As the information builds, at first in localised areas of career space, career seekers, their parents, teachers and advisers will gain access to optimised, aspirational and relevant curated careers data. Employers, universities and others will be able to show what they have to offer in a connected and intuitive way, and to make this widely discoverable across Aviator.

GCG Careers Circle gives service providers, place-shapers (eg local councils) and employers an easy way of connecting with students, career seekers and schools, to help them discover how they might best deal with the challenges that they face. We intend to run workshops, training events and online consultations to get more people into these Circles. We would also run local and regional Circles, and engage with corporate, national organisations and place-shapers and with local business and schools over the next 12-18 months.

GCG Careers DNA is a consulting review innovation to identify the value of an employer’s career offer and to help align this with what young careers seekers expect, need and want. It helps employers to nurture adaptable, diverse and inclusive talent pools and pipelines and create a relevant employer brand.

These innovations complement each other: we vary the mix to optimise the outcomes for each project.

We collaborate extensively with other careers organisations: we will succeed because we help others to succeed.

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We’ve built a network of collaborators, including the Ahead Partnership, AoC, BIS, Capgemini, CGI, Creative Skillset, the Institute of Civil Engineers, NAHT, National Grid, STEMNET, Teach First, The Tech Partnership and UKCES.

We have a strong and experienced management team, and developed a range of products, and a range of customers who are as keen as we are to change the way ‘work works’.

We have sold four Reviews – a precursor to Careers DNA and Careers Circle – to the Ministry of Defence, Berthon Boats, CGI, PWC and are currently working on one with Laing O’Rourke.

Together with Aston University and its associates, we have created a crowd-sourcing system which is now available as a Beta site athttps://platform.gcgaviator.co.uk which we will use to crowd-source a comprehensive, curated map of careers information. As part of this we have created a detailed network of career names, and visualisations to go with it, where the branches from different stems touch and combine. Take a look!

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Proceeds from this investment will be used for two main purposes:

To support the development and running of the Aviator platform, enabling our Explorers to map careers space. This includes:
◦ Design
◦ Prototyping
◦ Development and testing
◦ Promotion and launch
◦ Initial operations
◦ Enhancements and additions.

To cover costs of staff and facilities for the start-up phases of the business:
◦ to support Explorers
◦ to support Partnerships
◦ to sell services to Employers
◦ to administer the business
◦ to cover central overhead: Communications, premises, professional fees.

We have begun generating revenue from sales of services to employers, and will work hard to increase this. We expect this capital raising to be sufficient to fund our current plans.

Young people need intelligent, responsive access to careers information and opportunities, and to realistically match their talents and aspirations to the demands of the working world. We are a collaborative social enterprise, setting out to connect careers information, and to make it accessible.
See Campaign: https://www.seedrs.com/gcg
Contact Information:
Ralph Lucas
Alex Cole
Bill Visick
Hugh Stafford-Smith
Nick Boles

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