All rewards set to ship for Christmas 2015 within the United States.

I was a cartoon kid. From age four, I was bringing characters from my favorite stories together. I even drew a cross-over comic series called Mars 200.

In the year after graduating from art school, I completed The Comicosm – a nine by six foot oil painting of about 1,400 distinct characters. It was a grueling effort, but I found something I could work on all day and not get tired of. 

In the years since – my life has been entirely informed by this work. It’s subsequent iterations have required growth in skill and commitment I never could have imagined. It has also been an amazing way for me to connect with people. Everyday I feel incredibly fortunate.

Alongside these wonderful trends has been a less comfortable one. Being a full-time independent artist has meant squeezing my work into smaller spaces – mostly under lofted beds. I have been able to maintain a functional equilibrium – but have not been able to push the work to it’s potential. 

I’m asking for help to fund one year in a space big enough to work at a massive scale. This will result in my largest and most elaborate picture yet. I will ideally work at 12×18′ or larger. The funding goal is a minimum needed for securing a space. All funds over the goal will be reflected in a larger space and a larger piece. I will work as large as I am able. 

In pursuit of logistical efficiency I’ve designed the rewards to be shippable before the bulk of the work begins on this project. That also means I can ship in time for Christmas this year (within the United States).

This is my effort to continue to share my vision, while also reaching up to the next level in my work. I’ve set a high funding goal – so every contribution is really significant. I won’t be able to do this alone and hope you’ll tell someone about the project.

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$10 – Ultimate Item Menu – an 8×11″ print of my favorite items from comics, cartoons, movies, video games and beyond.

$20 – 2016 Monthly Calendar – Twelve months and twelve pictures of my past work, including previous kickstarter projects. A great way to see a bunch of my work and have an organized year!

$40 – Comicosm 2.1 – an updated 18×24″ print of my most recent Cartoon Universe. 2013’s “I Spy the Cartoon Universe” with over 300 additional characters (making the total about 3,400). With digital download character Guide.

 $60 – Original Art – a color drawing of the character of your choice. *shipping for Christmas within in the United States* These drawings will be produced during this campaign and released in project updates. First come, first served.

I was a cartoon kid. From age four, I was bringing characters from my favorite stories together. I even drew a cross-over comic series called Mars 200.
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