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The Idea

Ginx TV Ltd was founded in 2009 and we create and run ‘GINX’, an international videogaming TV channel.   Videogaming has become massively mainstream, referenced by data showing that global games market sales ($91.5bn) are projected to overtake filmed entertainment ($89bn) for the first time in 2015 (Sources Statista and Newzoo).

The videogaming phenomemon can be underepresented on Television – with comprensive programming and reach, GINX aims to fill that void.   

GINX programming encompasses all genres of videogaming including eSports, mobile gaming, Apps, AAA console- and PC-games.  Ginx TV produces over 350 hours of unique HD content per year. Examples can be found here: https://ginx.tv/tv-shows/ 

Already reaching 25 milion homes in 41 territories, translated into 9 languages, GINX’s core audience is 16-34 men, a comparatively highly valued advertising demographic. We estimate that GINX typically reaches ~6.25m individuals a month (Source Barb UK, Media15, Mediametrie France and Ginx TV internal research). Ginx TV produces all its content in-house, which allows us to pursue a diverse distribution strategy.

We predict that top line revenue for Ginx TV will reach £1.24m in 2015 and we make money in three ways:  1) By selling the channel to cable and satellite platforms throughout the world.   Those platforms typically pay Ginx TV a small fee per subscriber per month. Currently this revenue stream represents a significant part of the majority of Ginx TV revenue; 2) By selling 9 minutes of commercial airtime per hour to advertisers in France, the UK and Europe-wide and 3) By selling individual shows to 3rd-party broadcasters.

Ginx TV has raised ~£5m to date and is engaging in this round to achieve three things:  a) Extend our TV distribution in the UK by approximately 4 million households; b) Build a suite of Apps for Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBox so we can put the channel in front of 100 million gamers and c) Extend our digital team to manage the content flow to the new Apps as well as drive the user base of our main website so we can upsell our subscription services.

GINX is an international videogaming TV channel, already received in 26 million householders, 40 territories and 9 languages.
See Campaign: https://www.crowdcube.com/investment/ginx-tv-20726
Contact Information:
Michiel Bakker
James Neal

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