Giving Without Goals Can Leave Donors Feeling Unfulfilled


Asia Pacific Brokerage Charitable Launches Campaign to Help Donors Create a Plan; For the 68 Percent of Pre-Retirees Expecting to Increase Their Charitable Activity, It’s a Good Time to Develop a Mission


Hong Kong, 2015 –  Although the majority of donors know which charities they will support each year, only 22 percent have a mission statement or set of goals to guide their giving, according to Giving and Planning, a new study from Asia Pacific Brokerage Charitable. A separate study by a third party found that only two of five donors are highly satisfied with the impact they are making through their charitable efforts, and only one in five believe their giving is highly effective.

“Many of our donors plan to expand their commitment to philanthropy within the next five years, with full-time employed donors in their fifties most likely to anticipate increasing the time they spend on philanthropic activities,” said Chian Yuncao, president of Asia Pacific Brokerage Charitable. “Having a mission statement to guide one’s giving can amplify the impact of charitable contributions, as well as boost the confidence donors have in their giving and the satisfaction they get from it.”

Key findings from the survey of 1,078 Asia Pacific Brokerage Charitable donors are:

  • Most know where they will give: 78 percent of donors have a good sense of which charities they will support each year and 53 percent know how much they will give.
  • Women are more likely to have a plan: 27 percent of women compared to only 19 percent of men have developed a mission statement to guide their giving.
  • Using a donor-advised fund improves planning: 29 percent plan their giving further in advance after setting up a donor-advised fund.


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