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The mission of Golden Age Paradigm is to provide a platform for the masters and leaders of established philosophies and teachings to unite and assist humanity to shift the collective consciousness into a new paradigm.

These masters and teachers will share a stage in a series of worldwide events to inspire and educate the masses.

An impressive speaker list and exclusive content is waiting.  Join us as we journey into this Golden Age of Humanity.

The global wellness industry is a 3.4 trillion dollar market.

In 2014 SRI International estimated that 25 percent of the US population was classed as a wellness consumer. Educated and empowered consumers are moving into wellness. It is a growing industry.

Consumers are increasingly concerned with mind body and spirit. Consciousness is the new currency.

The available options have not bought together the leaders in the wellness industry.

Band Aid was a charity supergroup of recording artists in the UK that joined together in 1984. The live aid recording became the fastest selling and the biggest selling single of all time in the UK.

Golden Age Paradigm is the wellness industry equivelent to Band Aid.

Enter the Golden Age Paradigm – a new company that reflects this shift in consciousness where consumers are concerned with self improvement and making choices based on their positive impact onthe world.

The GAP platform was created to showcase the ideas, projects, and initiatives of world leaders in the field of wellness.

We’re all about bringing an alternative method of thinking back into the mainstream, replacing thoughts and actions that have become the center of a “me” society. The main vehicle driving us towards this grand vision is our GAP events.  Held around the world, our events will help spread the Golden Age Paradigm and this movement globally by bringing “GAP Thinkers” – or like-minded, forward-thinking key figures in wellness – under one constructive roof. GAP Thinkers can be:

GAP events have been structured to enliven and transform the collective consciousness of the world’s people. We’ll produce them in blocks of eight events per year, located at various destinations around the world. Our kickoff event will be held in California in July 2016. The remaining events will be in the United Kindgom, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

The Golden Age Paradigm idea is part of a movement that’s been in the works for years. As a company, however, we’re just getting started – still preparing for the first event and putting the finishing touches on our business’s infrastructure.  Though new to the scene, our team has a handful of impressive milestones to boast:

Speakers confirmed. Through our team’s vast network and our industry connections, we’ve finalised the list of preferred speakers and secured 10 of these speakers so far for our first event.

Speaking material complete. After months of research and professional content writing, all material that our confirmed speakers will use is completed.

Tried and true. Our team recently filmed a dress rehearsal for our first event in Las Vegas, and did so successfully.

Forming relationships with Ambassadors. Ambassadors are a crucial element of GAP events. We’re currently deep in talks with five different qualified individuals.

Skin in the game. Our founding team has contributed $100,000 of its own funds towards the GAP cause.

Moving forward, we’ll do all it takes to continue spreading the Golden Age Paradigm and our positive message. The best way we can accomplish this is to continue hosting more events. We’ll continue increasing the frequency and location of the events, as well as the influential individuals who participate in them.

Our Board of Directors has been handpicked for their illustrious and diverse experience. They are amongst the best in their respective fields and share a goal to shift consciousness on the planet. Details on our six-person Board of Directors:

Nicole Paul
As the original Founder and Managing Director, Nicole is the driving force behind the Golden Age Paradigm concept.  She’s an attorney by trade, having worked as a Special Crime Prosecutor with national security clearance for almost than a decade. After a spiritual awakening, she discovered her true passion as a soul advocate and is a global ambassador for human transformation. Nicole will help uphold GAP’s spiritual values and guide daily operations.

Jayashree Colaco
She’s a seasoned finance professional whose areas of expertise lie in leadership and project management. Jayashree currently works as a Team Lead for The World Bank – an organization with a worldwide mission to end poverty. She also teaches mantras and vedic chants for manifestation and ascension.

James Martinez
James is the Founder and CEO of the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Academy, an innovator that bring quantum-healing techniques to the business world. He got his start in the Pharmaceutical Industry, which he’s carried with him to GAP and used to make his name as a top Quantum Physician and Spiritual Pharmacist.

Matthew J Peters
GAP’s media maven, Matthew’s an Academy Award winner and the Founder of Authority Marketing Films. His company teaches though leaders how to use media for strategic marketing of their messages. His formal background is in filmmaking. The focus of his films and videos is to assist clients to communicate their message powerfully and with integrity. Matthew J Peters and Authority Marketing Films directed the dress rehearsal of the Golden Age Paradigm event.

Antonio Rillera
He’s a development and marketing expert. He was a founding member and front end developer for Lead Pages which grew from 0 to over 15,000 customers in less than 12 months and annual revenue of more than eight figures. He is the Founder of Formless Inc, which consults with start ups to assist them to increase their revenue through strategic branding, advertising and technology. He has significant experience developing creative solutions for giants like Walmart and Pfizer. He brings a talented eye for art and marketing leadership to GAP, as well as impressive networking capabilities.

Alex Skucki
Co-Founder and Director of world renowned Heaven Earth Project. Alex is an internationally recognised intuitive coach who has over two decades’ experience in the field. He’s has helped over 10,000 people with his sound-based techniques and workshops. Alex was also the lyricist and playwright of Regina, a famous Mexican musical. He’ll bring this unique perspective to the development of the GAP stage acts.

The mission of Golden Age Paradigm is to provide a platform for the masters and leaders of established philosophies and teachings to unite and assist humanity to shift the collective consciousness into a new paradigm.
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Nicole Paul
Jayashree Colaco
James Martinez
Matthew J Peters
Antonio Rillera
Alex Skucki

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