Green Buffalo Estates: Transform our broken food system through an innovative topsoil rejuvenation program

We will transform our broken food system through an innovative topsoil rejuvenation program. and through a wholesome animal feed program; while gaining sizable profits from our Hemp Botanicals.

Selling Organic CBD Capsules via our Patent Pending Process

Replacing GMO Corn Feed with a Wholesome Hemp Seed Feed

Rejuvenating our Topsoil and lessening the need for Herbicides

Green Buffalo Estates Launches ‘Small Business Farming’ Franchisee Program

Institute Focuses on Reducing Toxins and Stress, while Creating Abundance and Health in Everyday Life

Green Buffalo Estates today announced the launch of the Corvallis Hemp Institute, a training and development farm designed to create career opportunities through an entrepreneurial farming and franchisee program. The project will eventually include organic vegetables, nuts, fruits, honey and eggs.

The Institute focuses on nutrition and homeostasis for a whole-body performance, so as to up-regulate and reset one’s immune system through organically grown “real food from the earth.” This philosophy is very much in sync with Michael Pollan’s celebrated, well-balanced philosophy of, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

“The time has come to make organic farming a lucrative business for our struggling farmers,” said David Moore of Green Buffalo Estates. “This is our purpose.”

The Corvallis Hemp Institute will be conducting market research utilizing organic farming techniques and enhancing future plantings of vital foods for humanity. The mission of the Institute is to reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides; while concurrently exploring organic topsoil rejuvenation, developing nutritional animal feed, and producing affordable food grade Hemp CBD nutritional supplement capsules.

Under the brand of Green Buffalo Estates, the Corvallis Hemp Institute will be leasing several farms in Oregon as their major public/private research facility. They also intend on retaining expert-consultants from Oregon State University, and Portland State University, to help create top-quality research reports designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the agricultural rejuvenation, and food products research.

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Hemp CBD Capsules

Utility Patent Abstract

The present invention provides a commercial process for preparing the ‘Cannabis-Hemp Paste’ into a food grade nutritional supplement. The process produces both a fully cooked, and raw food product combined, that can be inserted into an edible consumption vessel for ingestion purposes.

The commercial process entails the combining of various terpenes, flavonoids, decarboxylated cannabinoids (and various raw cannabinoids) that are found in the Cannabis-Hemp Plant; with various fats and thickeners for the purposes of creating a ‘paste’ that can be ingested and metabolized as a food grade dietary supplement, and/or as a direct food product.

To accomplish this process, a quantity of the Cannabis-Hemp Plant must be raw and pressed, and a quantity of the Cannabis-Hemp Plant must be heat-cooked and blended with fresh fats; the heat-cooked Cannabis-Hemp plant must then be repeatedly heat-cooked in a steam kettle and pressed to extract different amalgams.

Hemp CBD Cigarettes

After watching my Grandfather die of Lung Cancer, I have spent decades trying to get my friends to quit smoking. And now they are doing the Nicotine E-Cigs, and they don’t understand that Nicotine is a NeuroToxin.

However, after speaking with them about WHY they smoke cigarettes, they explain their need to relief anxiety and stress, they explain their need for the ritualistic nature of smoking, and they explain their need to ;get away from it all’ when they smoke.

So, as a result, Green Buffalo Estates will be producing the first effective Cigarette Replacement Therapy through our Hemp CBD Cigarettes. They will help people with their Nicotine addictions, while also satisfying their need to relieve stress, and while satisfying their ritualistic desires around smoking an actual cigarette of some kind.

The Green Buffalo Estates Hemp CBD Cigarette will donate $1 of every pack sold to the LUVRules 501c3 Charity, for the purpose of building affordable housing for the masses.

Hemp CBD Animal Supplements

Almost 100% of the corn and soy grown in the United States are Roundup Ready GMO’s. Which means the farmers of these GMO’s can drench their crops in the Roundup Herbicide (Glyphosate) and it will kill everything but the GMO crops.

GMO’s are ‘genetically modified organisms’ because the genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. This new science creates unstable combinations of plant and animal bacteria, with viral genes that do not occur in nature; or though traditional crossbreeding methods.

The main ingredients used in commercially prepared animal feed, are GMO CORN and GMO SOY. The fact is that GMO Crops make humans, animals, and the land toxic with petrochemicals that results in a much greater antibiotic use, and thus a much greater antibiotic resistance.

We have engineered a stratagem to replace GMO Corn and GMO Soy with our wholesome hemp seed animal feed, while rejuvenating our topsoil so as to encourage organic farming.

We will transform our broken food system through an innovative topsoil rejuvenation program. and through a wholesome animal feed program; while gaining sizable profits from our Hemp Botanicals.
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