Grow Marketing, Inc.: manufacturer focused on designing, manufacturing and marketing nautical lifestyle products

Grow Marketing, LLC is a U.S. based manufacturer focused on designing, manufacturing and marketing nautical lifestyle products.  Our unique tradmarked brands include Chillraft, Watergirl, and Nautiguy  (www.chillraft.com & http://www.thewatersoul.com).

34%+ annual sales growth in our target markets for four years running and a rapidly growing domestic distribution network mandates that we increase production to meet our 2016 demand.  Our Kickfurther offering will be used to fund additional inventory demands resulting from growth within our existing sales channels and through new wholesale markets. 


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Chillraft tm Floating Foam Water Pads:

Chillraft’s are the fastest growing floating foam water pad in the U.S.  The Chillraft design features a revolutionary, and proprietary, design that places the tougher, denser foam on the outside plies of the raft making it less susceptible to nicks and tears, while also greatly enhancing the stability of the raft during use.  The Chillraft’s many uniquely engineered features help set its brand apart from import and box store brands.  

Watergirl & Nautiguy:

We introduced these products via direct sales channels (Internet) in 2015 and customer acceptance was immediate.  With limited social media promotion we have seen sales of these product lines accelerate at a pace well above our pro forma forecast.  We employ our own design staff to create products that have style preference among our target market demographic.  NautiGuy designs are a bit edgier; WaterGirl a bit understated.  Demand for these products from boutique shop retailers has allowed us to establish a wholesale program will which allow us to capture additional margins that result from increased scale of production.  

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About Grow Marketing, Inc. DBA The Water Soul, DBA Noodle Mon

All of our products are designed, engineered, developed and manufactured in the U.S.A.  Most of our final conversion, assembly and packaging takes place in our facility centrally located in Osage Beach, Missouri.  Our focus demographic group is consumers whose leisure activities revolve around water based activities, and in particular, recreational boating.  This consumer group represents an affluent market segment whose selection preferences are geared toward value-added products.  While our products are value-added, their price point is such that purchase decisions are made with discretionary income and are not capital in nature.  Our vertically integrated product offering is designed to meet this buying groups specific quality demands while also providing the exceptional customer service associated with value-added purchases.  As we move forward our focus will continue to target products and actions that build strong brand preference and repeat sales, thus continuing to lower our cost of customer acquisition. 

About the owner

Susan Anderson Laudwig grew up with a passion for business.  After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Accounting, she worked for Arthur Andersen, LLP as a client company auditor, while simultaneously opening her first retail business.  Her client experiences at Arthur Andersen quickly allowed her to realize that two key components of any successful business was their ability to understand the buying influences their target market, and to tell their story to that demographic in a way that built brand preference.  In 2007 Susan formed Grow Marketing, LLC to help others capitalize on her branding experience.  In 2012, Susan saw an opportunity to build a nautical lifestyles company that focused on providing high quality, value-added products to specific niche markets.  She has continued to design and add products that can be vertically integrated into her original lifestyles concept. Her husband, Steve Laudwig, who has over 30 years in the manufacturing industry, works along side her, managing the day to day operations of the production operations.

Grow Marketing, LLC is a U.S. based manufacturer focused on designing, manufacturing and marketing nautical lifestyle products. Our unique tradmarked brands include Chillraft, Watergirl, and Nautiguy.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/sNbgQNug418
See Campaign: https://kickfurther.com/offer/since-inception-in-2012-average-of-34-growth-every-year-makes-grow-marketing-a-easy-investment
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Susan Anderson Laudwig

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