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Guardio Safety AB

Investment proposal

We see a huge potential in our company and we are determined to create shareholder value and is therefor pursuing a growth plan to increase the value of the company. To be able to develop our business further we aim to find a strategic international shareholder in 2018 to help us grow outside of the Nordics. Shareholders that would like to exit this project will then have the possibility to sell their shares to the new strategic partner.

The goal is also to grow the company and enable it to be listed on the stock exchange and enable investor exits and further funding options. Enjoying early success and join us now. You will be one of the owners of a new and dynamic company in a huge market that is growing every year. If interested we welcome active shareholders who can help us reach our goals.

As a bonus all shareholders will be offered 50% discount when purchasing one headset from our online shop. Bulk orders will receive a discount of 20%.

The 50 first shareholders that purchase 50 shares or more will be rewarded with a gift from Voxmio Audio including wireless headphones and other gadgets with a value of 3500 SEK!


The problem this product solves: The use of hearing protection in noisy environments is regulated by EU-law. To ensure a high efficiency the workers need to be able to communicate with their colleagues and at the same time protect their hearing for high frequency noise.

How it is solved: Our product offers a technical solution that filters out all high frequency sounds and protects the hearing of the user. The so called talk through function enables you to hear low frequency sounds, such as a warning from your colleague. The Bluetooth solution makes it possible for the user to connect the headphone to their mobile device for wireless calls and music listening during their work.


Product features: Our product will use a more modern and less power consuming solution with a very stable and strong Bluetooth connection. We will also enable simple pairing of the headphone and the mobile device by usage of new technical solutions offered on the market. Furthermore the design of the product is based on the actual use and needs of the users and can easily be customised to fit exactly for the task at hand. We will offer two versions of the product where one of the products will feature an integrated intercom radio where construction workers can talk to each other.

Accessories A very important part of our business model will be the sales of accessories. The users of this kind of products change some of the parts (like the so called hygiene kit) of the headphone as often as every month. The retail price of a hygiene kit is around 15-20 Euro and the cost is lower than a fifth of that price.

Future product line: We plan to become a supplier with a full product line of personal protection equipment and offer our customers all they need to protect their senses at work. Product that will be included in our product line is protective eye glases, helmets, gloves etc.

Use of funds

The funds raised will be used to finalise the prototype and create the mould that will be used for the mass production. The funding will also be used to finance certifications, patent applications and the first mass production order.

Guardio heavy duty headsets offer advanced noise cancellation and Bluetooth communication for workers in construction, manufacturing and other industries for a safe and efficient work environment.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOlm-sRlCkc
See Campaign: https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/6990/guardio-safety-ab/?type=e&button=tile&from=browse
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